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Robin Franken (Netherland) – We are visiting India for the first time spending vacation with my family in Kerala in November, what is the tipping custom here?

Shobhit Khurana – There are no as such fixed rules here in India in regard to tipping, we do tip our service providers out of contentment or courteousness. The helpers and workers especially in hotels or cab drivers or other people related to hospitality sector will surely expect tips. You can give them based on how contented you are with their respective services. General rule of Thumb is of around 10-12% of the total billing like around Rs.50 to 60/- for the bill of around Rs.500. Though in certain hotels or hospitality service providers already include separate service charges in the bill itself then it is not necessary to give tips to individuals accordingly.

Neha kakkar (Meerut, India) – I am planning to send my parents (senior citizens) to Kerala in the coming November for 5 nights trip. Could you suggest which all places to cover, I have already booked them their air tickets Delhi – Trivandrum – Delhi? Thanks
Shobhit Khurana – I understood your concern, the aim of itinerary suggestion shouldn’t be to cover maximum destinations but in a way the trip should be bit relaxed covering only main destination or tourist places. Here is my suggestion –
Kovalam – for first 3 Nights, it is an awesome beach hardly 16 KMs from Trivandrum, from here they can cover Trivandrum city tourist attractions, Kanyakumari and Poovar Islands in a day’s trip by road itself.
Alleppey – for the remaining 2 nights, they can enjoy calm backwaters on houseboat and visit nearby tourist attractions. It is around 150 KMs by road from Trivandrum city.
Further you can interchange the places like directly go to Allepey from Thiruvanthapuram or Trivandrum and on the return stay at Kovalam beach or add some other nearby destination like Munnar an exotic hill station which is around 280 KMs can be reached through road and by rail or Thekkady which is a wild life sanctuary is around 226 KMs by road. if you require any further assistance in finalizing your parent’s travel itinerary, you may send a detailed query through our contact form on our website or on my email ID – or get in touch with us directly on our telephone numbers (+91) 9899095777, (+91) 9810483201, we at Kerala Tours Online shall be happy to assist you.

Sabina (Germany) – In December we are travelling to Kerala for 12 days to Kovalam, Allepey, Munnar and Kochi. Obviously, we will be able to obtain rupees on arrival at the airport but we don’t want to carry too much cash, so how will we get additional rupees later on? Are there lots of ATMs in these places? I doubt whether the system of travellers cheques still exists, so what’s best? Kindly Suggest!
Shobhit Khurana – here are some tips that will surely help resolving your concerns in regard to currency transaction facilitations in India.
– The best is to use plastic money forms i.e. your debit card or credit card to withdraw money from ATMs, there is no as such issues in regard to ATMs in all major of Kerala as you will always find one in the proximity. Better would be to carry two cards Visa as well as Master though in this mode you won’t be having any control over the exchange rates.
– Traveller’s cheque though it is nowadays not that famous, the best part of Traveller’s Cheques are that they can be replaced if in case they are lost or stolen. All major banks dealing in foreign exchange easily accepts these cheques. American Express Traveller’s cheques are most popular and easily accepted as a mode of payment also there are other several private foreign exchange dealers like Thomas Cook, LKP etc.
– Money or foreign currency can be easily exchanged anywhere in India especially in the popular tourist places like Kerala there are hordes of foreign exchange dealer. Always remember to negotiate on the exchange rates as they could vary a bit from dealer to dealer also prefer reputed and government authorised dealers only. Avoid dealing on streets with small or individual foreign currency exchange agents. Moreover every major hotel or resort where you will be staying provides this facility, it is highly recommended to utilize the same.

Tayla Stevens (London, UK) – I am coming to India this December with my hubby for 14 days (2 weeks). This is our first visit to India we will be landing in Mumbai and spending 4 days there. Then we want to travel to Kerala for rest of the days. Please suggest us which all places or districts to cover in Kerala, I am bit confused in this regard. We would like to make use of domestic flights instead of buses or trains, to make use of our time as much as possible, unless there is a particular rail or road route where the travel is so picturesque that it shouldn’t be missed. Also please suggest how soon we should book the domestic air tickets to get maximum rates benefits and can we book room in the hotels without paying them in advance? Your suggestions will all be appreciated. Thanks

Shobhit Khurana – 10 days in Kerala are sufficient to cover 3-4 destinations though you may cover more than that as well but personally in my view that would be in a rush. The serenity and natural beauty of Kerala can only be experienced in a relax mood, no point covering lot many destinations just for the name sake. Domestic flights can be booked online or through tour operator, you should get them booked two months before your travel plans in order to get best rates. Rates fluctuate enormously or almost double up near to the date of travel. Regarding hotel’s cashless bookings, no prominent hotel provides you this facility but surely some of the reputed groups of hotels have the facility of booking cancellation without any major penalty or cancellation charges if done 48 or 72 hrs before the date of arrival Taj Group of hotels is one such. All you have to do is make hotel booking online through their website read through their booking cancellation terms or take assistance of travel operator who could handle all this on your behalf like itinerary planning, hotel bookings, local travel assistance, tour guide option etc. You should visit Cochin, Munnar, Kovalam and take back flight to London from either Cochin International Airport or Thiruvanthapuram International Airport. Also I must suggest you to travel through Konkan Railway while travelling from Mumbai to Kerala, the journey is awesome though bit tiring as it takes near about 18 hours but surely every minute would be worth spending as the entire rail track goes through one the picturesque surroundings of south India. Hope you enjoy your stay. If you require any further assistance in finalizing your Kerala Travel Itinerary, you may send a detailed query through our contact form on our website or on my email ID – or get in touch with us directly on our telephone numbers (+91) 9899095777, (+91) 9810483201, we at Kerala Tours Online shall be happy to assist you.

Mohan Das (Delhi) – I wish to get married to my childhood friend at Guruvayur Temple Kerala, could you please assist me with the info on the same like how many days advance booking required, items to be brought for the marriage purposes, how much time can be spend for marriage etc.

Shobhit Khurana –There is a specific provision for getting married or carrying out matrimonial ceremonies in the Guruvayur Temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. There is a marriage ticket which you need to take at a very nominal amount few hours before you want to get married. There are two places (Mandap) inside the temple premises where matrimonial ceremonies takes places also you can avail marriage certificates from the Guruvayur municipality. For that you would be requiring these documents Passport Copy or School Certificate or Driving Licence of Bride and Groom, Invitation Card, Letter from the venue where the function taken place, Two Witness with any ID Proof etc.

Suzanne (Amsterdam) – Hello we are in Kerala from 15th to 27th November would be arriving to Kozhikode railway station on 18th would like to enquire if any prepaid cabs available at the station which will drop us to our resort at Wayanad resorts. If yes then what would be the fare?

Shobhit Khurana – No there is no as such prepaid cab service available near railway station such service is at the airport. Here you can hire cabs at individual rates which vary a lot as per your negotiation skills. The best way out is to ask the resort to send a cab to airport pickup which will be safest and cost effective.

Trina Edwin (Australia) – We have heard a lot about Varkala from our friends, what do you think about the place? Is it a good destination for a week or so? Please suggest.

Shobhit Khurana – Varkala is located near to Trivandrum basically it is in the outskirts. Hence your arrival flight should be at Trivandrum International Airport from here you can take a taxi to Varkala which is around 50 KMs and will take around 2 hours drive depending upon the traffic condition. It is a coastal town but not at all like Goa or any other famous tourist oriented coast town of India, Varkala is unique much idealistic place for couples and honeymoon goers. Its serenity and natural beauty makes it favourite travel place for international as well as domestic tourists. It is the only place where one can experience the landscapes beauty where cliffs or hills are merging into the sea coast lines. It has white beaches which are not only mesmerising but also much cleaner than comparing to some other famous coastlines or beaches. It will definitely set you with a new spirit and overall anticipated rejuvenation. The nearby Varkala town is rich in the ancient culture and traditions with a famous 2000 year old Vishnu temple is also near to the beach where every year thousands of devotees visit. Overall Varkala, is a place where you can experience almost all the features of Kerala in terms of beaches, backwaters, estuary, forts, palaces etc. Moreover for the travel adventure enthusiasts Varkala offers a wide range of adventure activities including Para jumping, board surfing, sailing and kayaking, cycling through the long coastal cycling zone etc.