Kerala Tour Travel Company – Heritage Well Preserved ‘Forts and Palaces’

History is full of amazing and exciting stories. It introduces us to the life and times of previous generations. It’s quite fascinating to see the affluent and royal life styles of the kings, with the forts and palaces built by them still standing tall, facing the beatings of time. The kind of facilities enjoyed by them fills us with surprise mixed with envy. Their fancy abodes tell us how wealthy they were and how blissfully they lived. The forts and palaces of historical importance are spread all across India. The Archaeological Departments owned by the states have made sure that they be preserved well, keeping the heritage of India intact. Besides Rajasthan, Kerala is one of those places in India where one can find myriads of forts and palaces, hiding many stories waiting to be revealed. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, amongst the famous one is Bolghatty Palace, located near Cochin. The palace, built by the Dutch in 18th century, is now a famous heritage hotel being managed by Kerala Tourism. Then, we have the Chendamangalam Fort situated in Ernakulam, Cochin. Surrounding the fort is verdant meadows and pastures, with three rivers flowing nearby. The fort has got a church, a mosque and a temple in its vicinity, epitomizing the religious tolerance of the region.

Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, where can one find, not a small monument but a fort built in the memory of a poet? The Kunchan Samarakam Fort was built to commemorate the great poet Kunchan Nambiar. The fort is now a famous institution, serving performing arts. If one visits Koyikkal Palace near Trivandrum, one will be treated with, not only a palace built in the famous architectural style of Kerala but one will also have the pleasure of treating their ears with the Folklore Museum housing many ancient musical instruments and eyes as well, as the second museum showcases ancient coins. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, the wonderful exhibition of the traditional Hindu Temple art and murals can be seen in the famous Mattancherry Palace in Kochi. The structure of the palace, having the traces of the Portuguese style of architecture, is a wonderful mix of cultures. Visiting Kerala for an enthusiast of Forts and Historical Monuments will definitely be a delight – an unforgettable memory, urging one to visit the place time and again.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Past Retold with Panache ‘Heritage Hotels of Kerala’

What can make one’s stay in a hotel a memorable one? Some might say it is the kind of service one receives from the hotel staff. Others might favour a good cuisine. Quite a few might go for the location also. But as far as making the first impression is concerned, nothing beats the exterior of the place one is planning to stay. The excellent or average exterior of a hotel can immediately make an impression in the mind of the boarder, making him choose or reject it. But, can it be possible for a hotel to carve a niche in someone’s mind, making him visit it time and again? The answer is affirmative if a hotel has got an aura of history around it. Heritage Hotels, in this regard, are quite popular amongst the tourists who frequently visit it to relive the moments. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, in India, there are good numbers of heritage hotels that serve their customers quite well. Kerala is one of the popular destinations amongst tourist who visit it to appreciate the natural beauty, and heritage hotels here usually provide a luxurious accommodation to the visitors.

Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, these Heritage Hotels are usually erstwhile palaces, historical buildings or mansions that have got quite an interesting story to tell. It is only after being put up here that one understands the underlying energy of the place that seems to be telling its past. Most of these hotels are located near backwaters or some other place of scenic importance, allowing the stay to have a royal touch. Tourists have been visiting these hotels for therapeutic reasons also. These hotels usually provide the famous Ayurvedic treatment for chronic ailments, like headache, backache and Arthritis etc. Due to the vicinity of these hotels to meadows and pastures, they have been perfect places to conduct Yoga Camps, with many indigenous people and foreigners participating with equal fervour. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, these hotels have also made sure to provide variety of dishes to its customers, with sumptuous food from different regions prepared hygienically. If one wants a quality boarding services and traditionally cooked dishes coupled with lots of scenic sights, Heritage Hotels are places that will definitely cater to the requirements.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Port City with a Difference ‘Kollam’

For thousands of years, travellers from other countries had been visiting India, looking for trade in various goods like spices, dry fruits and fabric etc. As the sea was the only route to travel, the sea ports, in older times, were places full of hustle and bustle. Whenever the foreigners came on ships, they tended to stay for a longer period of time as the journey in waters was quite long. Their periodic stays left an imprint on the place which one can feel even in present times. One of the most famous places in India that witnessed travellers from many cultures, coming and living there is Kollam in Kerala. Kollam or Quilon is a port that shares its name with the city located at the same place as the sea port, on the sea coast of Laccadive. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, this ancient sea port has been mentioned in travelogues of two great travellers – Ibn Batuta and Marco Polo.

Located at the banks of the lake Ashtamudi, Kollam has had the privilege of trading with Chinese, Arabs, Orientals and Romans hence once can still feel their influence in the present. As far as the significance of touring the city is concerned, one can easily guess that by a famous proverb about the city, “Once you visit Kollam, you will not go back to your home.” The Kollam beach is a popular place to spend time in the sunny afternoons. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, tourists can be seen here, basking under the sun or frolicking with the sea water. The Ashtamudi Lake is well known as a scenic backwater amongst the tourist. The ride on the house boats in the lake can make one forget all the worries of the world. There are many other tourist attractions in Kollam. For example, the Thangassery Light House, a towering structure measuring 144ft, is a famous tourist place. Then, there is a temple called Ananda Valleeswaram that is thronged by the visitors daily. The Mahatma Gandhi Park located at Kochupilamoodu is also worth paying a visit. Situated at the shores of Ashtamudi Lake, the famous Government Guest House is reputed for its old-world charm and architectural beauty. The British Residency building well known for its grandeur and Children’s Traffic and Entertainment Park are some of the places not to be missed during the visit.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – The Abode of God ‘Thiruvananthapuram’

The father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, admiring its natural beauty, called it “Evergreen City of India”. He was not exaggerating at all about Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), which wears the crown for being one of the major greenest cities and capital of Kerala. The city owes its name to “Anantha Padmanabha” or Lord Vishnu. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, the city was earlier known as Trivandrum, but later, rechristened to Thiruvananthampuram, meaning “Abode of Lord Vishnu”. It is located at the extreme western part of the tip of south India. The city is flanked by the mighty Arabian Sea in its west and Tamil Nadu in the east. It stands tall on seven low hills surrounding the Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple. It has its own international airport in fact it is the one such place from where you start your Kerala tour or spends end of your Kerala travel vacation, every year thousands of local as well as international tourist or travellers visit this place, a major tourist destination. The outer rim of the city on its west is marked with sun-kissed beaches and lush backwaters. The fact that the city boasts of an impressive cultural heritage and lots of historical monuments, makes it a much sought-after tourist destination.

Being on the shores of the Arabian Sea, the city has a tropical climate. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year, with maximum temperature being 35 degrees in summers and 18 degrees in winters. The places worth having a tour of, includes the majestic “Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple” with its mesmerizing exteriors and interiors. Then, for the astronomically inclined, there is a hundred years old observatory. In and around the city, one can find many posh palaces built by the ruling kings. One of the attractions that pull the tourists out of their places and make them visit Kerala is the backwaters. The city is etched with water canals. Having a boat ride through these waterways can make one feel as if they were in Venice. The concrete buildings of the city contrasts beautifully with thatched roofs of the mud-smeared huts. The city possesses another feather in its cap, of that harbouring the topmost Research & Development institutions and IT organizations of India. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, Thiruvananthapuram is an amazing mix of modernity with cultural heritage. The city hasn’t let its charm be lost to the wave of development, preserving its true cultural flavour.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Down the Memory Lane ‘Pallipuram Fort’

Every country has a story to tell. Every place in the world has got a long series of events that shaped it to be what it is today. History plays an important role in describing those crucial moments in time that decided the fate of a country, culture or society. Historical narratives vividly draw a picture of the time in the past when people, their behaviour and attitude, their culture and lifestyle were different. Whenever the topic of history is broached, the historical monuments invariably come into one’s mind. The monuments are a vivid example of the glorious past of a place. The snag of time notwithstanding, the weather and time-batter, vulnerable structures talk a lot about the times and lives of the past. Visiting historical monuments is one of the major tourist attractions. As Kerala Tour Travel Company India is replete with these monuments spread from North to far South. Kerala is one such place at the far end of southern part of India where one can find a horde of tourist attractions ranging from beaches to hill, backwaters to festivals, forts to museums and so on in fact because of these tourist attractions every year thousands of tourists or travellers not only from India but from abroad visit this place. Pallipuram, located in proximity to Vyppin Island near Kochi, harbors Pallipuram fort which is thronged by the visitors. The fort was built in 1503 by the Portuguese. The historians have unanimously declared it the old monument of extreme historical importance – the oldest one built by Europeans.

The architecture of the fort is hexagonal. The lowest floor is built five feet above the ground, like a raised platform. The fort is made of mortar, wood and laterite and was designed in such a way that lots of guns were possible to be mounted. A cellar, used like a storage facility to keep the weapons, is nestled inside the fort. The Dutch captured the fort in 1663. Later, the Maharaja of Travancore purchased the fort. Currently the Department of Archaeology in Kerala has declared it as a monument of historical importance and given it “protected” status. The fort is easily accessible – almost one kilometre away from Ernakulam junction which is about 20 kilometres away from the Cochin International Airport.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – The Land of Wonders

The southern part of India provides a good escape from the humdrum of one’s hectic life. If you are feeling drained out by the monotony of your daily routine or getting bogged down by your job, travelling far down south to Kerala is something that will rejuvenate your weakened neurons. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, if “Kashmir” is quoted to be the heaven in the North, “Kerala” should definitely earn the same place in the south. Kerala is located on the Coast of Malabar, in the south-western part of India. The travel journals of India have unanimously named it as one of the most popular destinations of India. Kerala is popular for its scenic beauty, its hill stations, national parks, ancient temples and backwaters. All the ingredients for bringing one close to nature are found in Kerala. For example, if one is passionate about hill stations, Munnar is surely the place worth-visiting. Nestled at the altitude of 1600 feet from the sea level, it has played a crucial role in making Kerala famous amongst the tourist all over the world. And, just when one thinks it to be over, Kerala pops open some more places around Munnar like Eravikulam National Park, enriched with flora and fauna.

Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, other attractions that will surely have one spellbound are Mattupetti Indo Swiss Dairy Farm – a well looked after place abundant in lush farms. The Tata Tea Museum will definitely be another reason for one to stay a little longer before leaving as it has got a wonderful collection of Tea-making machines and old photographs narrating the story of tea plantation in Kerala. Besides natural beauty, one will witness a man-made wonder in the form of Idukki Arch Dam, popular as the first arch dam of Asia. If one is fond of watching wild life in their natural habitat, Periyar Tiger Reserve is a place to visit. This Sanctuary has earned the respect of the visitors by carefully preserving two of the most prestigious animals – elephant and tigers. And, one’s visit to Kerala can never be complete without enjoying the boat ride in Alappuzha backwaters – A place that will fall no short of Venice. This and lot more are surely waiting to be explored in Kerala. If one is a travel enthusiast, the travel journal will always be incomplete without the God’s own place called Kerala.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – a Traveller’s Haven

There is a very popular saying by St. Augstine, “This World is a book and those who don’t travel much have only read one page.” The saying holds lot of water as travelling is one of the best ways to broaden one’s vision. It helps us understand various cultures, the people belonging to diverse backgrounds, how they live and what they believe in. Travelling helps the amalgamation of diverse cultures, enhancing harmony and integrity, there by promoting respect for humanity throughout the world. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, India has been one of the most popular travelling destinations by people from all over the world. For ages, travellers from the remotest parts of the world have come here, experienced life and written books about it.

Indian land is full of marvels and, whenever the talk of the marvels is broached, Kerala definitely finds a place in it. It has been one of the most popular tourist destinations not only for the domestic tourists but international tourists or travellers the figure of inbound tourism from all parts of globe to Kerala have been increasing steadily in the past decade. Kerala, or Keralam as it is also popularly known, is located at the far end of southern part of India, near Malabar Coast. Kerala is flanked by Arabian Sea at its west and Karnataka and Tamil Nadu at its east. With the population of approximately 30.5 million, it is a state popularly known as “the land of the literate” as the literacy rate in Kerala is the highest in India. Because of its natural beauty and scenic sights, it has earned the sobriquet of “the land of backwaters”.

Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, tourism here is one of the most prominent, thriving and revenue-earning aspect of the state, it wouldn’t be wrong by saying that the whole economy of Kerala revolves around the tourism and related sectors. In fact in this state every second person is somewhere directly or indirectly working or associated with the tourism sector itself. Due to its reputation amongst the foreigners frequenting India, the tourism industry has provided lots of facilities to make the stay a memorable one. Kerala is enriched with lots of fascinating tourist spots like forts and palaces, museums, historical monuments, hill stations, backwaters and beaches. A well known place for being culturally-inclined, Kerala has attracted people for its mesmerizing music, dance, lifestyle and handicrafts. Festivals and fairs are an affair to remember here. If one wants to experience how it’s like being in the lap of nature, Kerala is one tourist spot to look out for.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Monsoon Tourism in Kerala

When one talks about travel destination of Southern India, it becomes really difficult to avoid or not to choose any destination of Kerala. Kerala is one such destination which is blessed with enormous greenery, water bodies, beaches, hills, forests, and lot many other famous cultural attractions like temples, museums, art centres, markets etc. moreover this place has a very favourable climatic conditions all round the year in comparison to other destinations of Northern India which have extreme climates in almost every season. Hence this place is rightly named as ‘God’s Own Country’ moreover it is one of the states which have large earnings from incoming domestic and international tourism in fact it wouldn’t be wrong by saying that the economy of Kerala revolves around tourism. As every other Kerala Tour Travel Company, the best season to visit Kerala is September to mid of March, whereas the months of June to August end are monsoon season here which is generally avoided by so many tourist companies and travel consultants. As the common notion is during rains it is likely that there will be natural disasters like floods, landslides, lightning etc. which would definitely ruin the trip altogether.

As per our experience being Kerala Tour Travel Company, though the number of tourist considerably decrease during these months of monsoon as there are lot many other travel options or tourist destination in the other parts of India but one cannot say there are no tourist at all visiting Kerala. People or tourists who all are familiar with the monsoon season of Kerala never miss the opportunity to travel this part of the world especially during these moths i.e. June to August. The continuous rain magnifies the beauty and greenery all over Kerala it brings out some of the best views and scenic beauty all around. The villages, town streets and forests soaked with water gives a totally unique feeling of the wonderful Kerala. We as Kerala Tour Travel Company believes that this myth should be broken that during rainy season no one visits Kerala but in fact it is the time when there are lot many chances to explore the nature’s beauty or have an experience of rejuvenation with the smell of rains in the air and water droplets on every leaf or tree which changes the absolute environmental exquisiteness of this little state of the Southern part of India.

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