Kerala Tour Travel Company – Heritage Well Preserved ‘Forts and Palaces’

History is full of amazing and exciting stories. It introduces us to the life and times of previous generations. It’s quite fascinating to see the affluent and royal life styles of the kings, with the forts and palaces built by them still standing tall, facing the beatings of time. The kind of facilities enjoyed by them fills us with surprise mixed with envy. Their fancy abodes tell us how wealthy they were and how blissfully they lived. The forts and palaces of historical importance are spread all across India. The Archaeological Departments owned by the states have made sure that they be preserved well, keeping the heritage of India intact. Besides Rajasthan, Kerala is one of those places in India where one can find myriads of forts and palaces, hiding many stories waiting to be revealed. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, amongst the famous one is Bolghatty Palace, located near Cochin. The palace, built by the Dutch in 18th century, is now a famous heritage hotel being managed by Kerala Tourism. Then, we have the Chendamangalam Fort situated in Ernakulam, Cochin. Surrounding the fort is verdant meadows and pastures, with three rivers flowing nearby. The fort has got a church, a mosque and a temple in its vicinity, epitomizing the religious tolerance of the region.

Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, where can one find, not a small monument but a fort built in the memory of a poet? The Kunchan Samarakam Fort was built to commemorate the great poet Kunchan Nambiar. The fort is now a famous institution, serving performing arts. If one visits Koyikkal Palace near Trivandrum, one will be treated with, not only a palace built in the famous architectural style of Kerala but one will also have the pleasure of treating their ears with the Folklore Museum housing many ancient musical instruments and eyes as well, as the second museum showcases ancient coins. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, the wonderful exhibition of the traditional Hindu Temple art and murals can be seen in the famous Mattancherry Palace in Kochi. The structure of the palace, having the traces of the Portuguese style of architecture, is a wonderful mix of cultures. Visiting Kerala for an enthusiast of Forts and Historical Monuments will definitely be a delight – an unforgettable memory, urging one to visit the place time and again.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Revival Centre for Parched Souls ‘Ayurvedic Resorts’

With pleasures in life, comes pain, sometimes in the form of external factors like loss of loved ones or wealth – which are healed with the passage of time- and others, in the form of physical ailments. People suffer from varieties of physical problems like headaches, respiratory and digestive diseases which most of the time are related to the kind of lifestyles we have, living in the cities anywhere in the globe. In fact many studies reveal that people in developed countries are more prone to such sort of ailments which are directly or indirectly related work stress or other related tensions. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, India, being a country popular for ancient curative and health care methodology based upon nature i.e. Ayurveda, has attracted not only Indians but foreigners alike, for chronic health problems. Ayurveda has been a remedial medicinal system in India for ages. One of the primary reasons of Ayurveda catching people’s attention is that it is not believed to carry any side effects. Many have tried and been benefitted by the miraculous effects of Ayurvedic medicines. India has been a hub for treatment in Ayurvedic Medicinal system. There are many places in India having treatment centers for people interested in getting treated. Kerala is one of those regarded as heaven for Ayurveda.

As Kerala Tour Travel Company, there are many favorable factors that make Kerala an ideal place for being an Ayurvedic hub. Ayurveda believes that the herbal medicines have their medicinal qualities increased if a patient exposes himself to natural environs where he can inhale plenty of pure air. Kerala is known for its lush and verdant hills and meadows with stretches of forests. There are number of Ayurvedic Resorts here that provide lodging facilities maintained as close to nature as possible. The rooms are ideally ventilated and organic food is provided. Yoga and meditation is necessitated as a daily activity, performed in lush and open courts. As Ayurveda believes in holistic medicinal approach, the recreational activities have also been kept as close to nature as possible. Resorts provide facilities for soothing music in the evenings and every effort is taken to keep the environment as much positivity-generating as possible. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, this state has lots of hills and forests moreover there is an abundance of herbs and plants with extreme medicinal value. If one has planned to visit Kerala for its scenic beauty, visiting one of the Ayurvedic Resorts at the same time will definitely give a mind and soul-enlightening experience.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Past Retold with Panache ‘Heritage Hotels of Kerala’

What can make one’s stay in a hotel a memorable one? Some might say it is the kind of service one receives from the hotel staff. Others might favour a good cuisine. Quite a few might go for the location also. But as far as making the first impression is concerned, nothing beats the exterior of the place one is planning to stay. The excellent or average exterior of a hotel can immediately make an impression in the mind of the boarder, making him choose or reject it. But, can it be possible for a hotel to carve a niche in someone’s mind, making him visit it time and again? The answer is affirmative if a hotel has got an aura of history around it. Heritage Hotels, in this regard, are quite popular amongst the tourists who frequently visit it to relive the moments. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, in India, there are good numbers of heritage hotels that serve their customers quite well. Kerala is one of the popular destinations amongst tourist who visit it to appreciate the natural beauty, and heritage hotels here usually provide a luxurious accommodation to the visitors.

Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, these Heritage Hotels are usually erstwhile palaces, historical buildings or mansions that have got quite an interesting story to tell. It is only after being put up here that one understands the underlying energy of the place that seems to be telling its past. Most of these hotels are located near backwaters or some other place of scenic importance, allowing the stay to have a royal touch. Tourists have been visiting these hotels for therapeutic reasons also. These hotels usually provide the famous Ayurvedic treatment for chronic ailments, like headache, backache and Arthritis etc. Due to the vicinity of these hotels to meadows and pastures, they have been perfect places to conduct Yoga Camps, with many indigenous people and foreigners participating with equal fervour. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, these hotels have also made sure to provide variety of dishes to its customers, with sumptuous food from different regions prepared hygienically. If one wants a quality boarding services and traditionally cooked dishes coupled with lots of scenic sights, Heritage Hotels are places that will definitely cater to the requirements.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Watch the Nature Unfold Itself ‘Eravikulam’

As Kerala Tour Travel Company we feel one of the best tourist experiences is to watch animals in their natural habitats. Almost every metro has got zoological gardens where animals are kept mostly in enclosures where one cannot see them in their true colours. Venturing into dense forests, following the footprints of the beast you are seeking, surrounded by nothing but thick foliage and groves, the silence of the jungle occasionally broken by the shrills of birds or monkeys and feeling the thrill of the rustling of dried leaves as if hunter being hunted – nothing can be compared to the adventure of being in a national park where one can act hunter, ready to shoot, albeit with a camera. National parks or sanctuaries, as they are called, are one of the best places to see wild animals. In India there are lot of National Parks and Sanctuaries but some of them are really famous among tourist not only the domestic or locales but international travellers or wild life photographers etc. Being a Kerala Tour Travel Company, if you are a thrill-seeking animal lover, Eravikulam National Park, located in Idduki district in Kerala, is one place you definitely won’t want to miss. Spread along the Western Ghats, the Park is managed efficiently by the Kerala Government, making sure that the visitors of the sanctuary end up having an unforgettable experience.

The geography of the park is as amazing as the species of the animals found in it. Most of the area of the park consists of a high hill. The highest peak in South India, Anamudi, lies in this park. The rich flora of the park owes to many small streams that make their way to the Chalakudiyar and Periyar rivers. The park harbours more than 100 species of birds and about twenty six mammal species. In Fact it has got the largest population of Niligiri Tahr and Indian Bison, giving shelter to these endangered species. Out of the three areas the sanctuary is divided in, only Rajamalai is open to the visitors to see the animals. As personal vehicles are not allowed here due to security reasons, the park-authorized official buses provide a tour around the area and the security personnel of the park ensure the safety of the visitors by keeping a strong vigil. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, watching these animals meandering around leisurely is quite exhilarating, making one realize the value of freedom.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Heaven Floating on Waters ‘KumaraKom’

Kerala has been well known amongst the tourist fraternity for its cultural and historical heritage and especially, for its backwaters. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, people, not only from Indian, but from other countries as well have been visiting down south just to experience what it is like to be sitting in a floating boathouse. If you are the one who wonders how it seems to be in a floating boat, you don’t need to visit Venice for that. Just pack your travelling gear, catch a plane or train to all the way down south, to KumaraKom, a small village just 16 kilometers away from the city of Kottayam, Kerala.

KumaraKom is situated near Vembanada Lake. A small village, that might have been completely oblivious to the rest of the world, has got so much scenic beauty hidden in her lap that a visitor is bound to get the reverse effect to the fact mentioned above, that of being completely oblivious to the rest of the world, once one is here. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, the views of a boathouse sliding with grace in the fresh water lake against the backdrop of lush green mangroves and blue sky are nothing less than a John Constable’s painting of a beautiful landscape. And it was as if the makers of this enchanting place were not satisfied with backwaters only, there is a bird sanctuary also which has proved to be a haven for lots of migratory birds. Spread over 14 acres, the KumaraKom Bird Sanctuary is a result of the noble intentions of preserving wild life by the government.

And, adding cherry to the cake, there is a breath-taking, edge-of-the-seat boat-race conducted annually here. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, watching 50 plus oarsmen rowing a boat to beat the competition is as thrilling as the last crucial run to be scored on the last ball of a one day cricket match. Being part of the cheering crowd to motivate the participants of the race will definitely cause adrenaline to shoot up. A trophy is formally given to the winner of the boat race to keep up the spirits. So, if you have been scratching your heads for a place for vacation head south and get a memory of a life time.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Hill Station to Swoon over ‘Vagamon’

Roads carved out of rocks, with long pine trees on either side. Stretch of plains covered with bed of lush grass. Hills capped by clouds against the blue backdrop of the sky. Cliffs where one can stand and look deep down the misty abyss. If this is not enough for one to pine to visit the scenic aforementioned place, he better open the online albums of the heaven being talked about here, which is bound to make one pack his bags and visit Vagamon in Kerala. Divinely located at the borders of Kottayam and Idukki in Kerala, the hill station is one of the most enchanting places attracting thousands of tourists every year. The climate of Vagamon fluctuates between 10 to 23 degrees even during summer middays, making it a relatively cool place. Situated 1100 meters above the sea levels, Vagamon is believed to be discovered by the British who found it a perfect place for tea plantation that can still be seen here in abundance.

The road to Vagamon, carved out of solid rock, itself is quite amazing to tread. The Pine trees on the either side of the road seem more like ushers welcoming visitors to the gates of Vagamon. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, one of the primary reasons for the intact divinity of this place is that the commercialization has not yet spread its tentacles here. The town of Vagamon, on any misty day, still looks sleepy and untouched as if straight out of a pre-independent account of an Indian village, albeit with smooth concrete roads and traces of resorts and tourists lodges. The hill station comprises many places worthy of exploration like Thangal Hill, a well-known holy place for Muslims. If one has a spirit of a spelunker, there is a cave, believed to be quite deep enough to make one’s heart jump out of the chest. There is a monastery located at the Kurisumala hill. A reputed place for christens, it has got many sub hills each topped with a cross. And, then, there are sprawling meadows of lush green grass bound to make one feel like putting up a cottage and live there for eternity. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, the itinerary of the places in Vagamon is endless. This scenic hill station is bound to make one feel like come again and again. Make sure you don’t forget to collect your heart here amongst the rolling hills.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Rendezvous with Nature ‘Thenmala’

Imagine a winding road going through mountain hills covered with trees, far away from the maddening cacophony of cities, with the sound of silence being broken occasionally by the chirruping of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, and the swaying of the trees. A place where nature plays it tune in full swing and the word “greenery” hasn’t lost its meaning. Welcome to Thenmala – a place where one is bound to experience the Mother Nature unfolding itself in full colors. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, Thenmala is a unique tourist destination maintained efficiently by an institution of the Kerala Government. It is located about 70 km from Thiruvananthapuram. The word “Thenmala” means “Honey Hill” and it is called so due to the fact that the quality of honey obtained from the hills at this place is of extremely good quality. The place has been developed giving lot of attention to visitors, making sure that the tour of the area is well facilitated and taken-care of. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, the managing institution has specially appointed well-trained guides to ensure that tourists have a pleasant experience. The whole area has been equipped with properly put up direction markers like signboards to make the accessibility easier.

The specially prepared zones act like a kaleidoscope giving a mesmerizing peek at Kerala’s cultural and natural heritage. If one wants to relish the dishes of Kerala, purchase knick knacks commonly available in the local markets of Kerala or become familiar with the art and culture of Kerala through its dance, arts and living style of the inhabitants, “Culture Zone” has been setup to give an amazing view of the same. Then, there is “Leisure Zone” that will surely fill you with excitement as one takes a walk on the especially put-up board passages taking one to the dam. The famous “sway” bridge promises to keep the kids shouting all the way across it. And, just when one thinks that he has had enough of the fun dose, “Adventure Zone” pops up to offer more like mountain biking and trekking. Because of Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary in its vicinity, tourists usually visiting Thenmala also prefer to venture into the sanctuary that is a home of varieties of species of deer. Thenmala, undoubtedly, is a place one will tend to keep in memory for a long time for its scenic beauty.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – ‘Kozhikode’ a Tourist’s Delight

South India is a popular tourist destination, not only amongst Indians, but foreigners also. Every year, thousands of travellers from outside India visit many parts of Southern India, exploring the cultural diversity and idyllic natural places. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, the whole southern region is a potpourri of various temples, beaches, historical places, eatable joints, natural resorts, national parks and palaces. South India, historically, has been a hub of intense cultural activities. People from various countries have visited, lived and added a hint of their lifestyles. Amongst many places worth paying a visit to, Kozhikode, also known as “Calicut” is a place one must add in their itinerary while heading down south. Kozhikode is located on the coast of Malabar in Kerala. Kozhikode is surrounded by a long shoreline and Laccadive sea at one end and undulating hills and mountains on the other. The climate of the city is tropical. The temperatures soar from March till May, followed by monsoon from June till November.

The city of Kozhikode is truly a traveller’s delight in terms of the places thronged by thousands of tourists every year. For the one fond of witnessing rising or setting sun standing at a shore, Kozhikode Beach is a place to be. The beach offers mesmerizing natural views flavoured with historical charm as two, hundred years old piers standing like sentinels provide a beautiful sight of sunrise and sunset. Lions Park, A huge aquarium and a lighthouse add to the beach’s charm. And what could be more fascinating than visiting a place and trying to feel the pride of an explorer setting his foot at the beach after a long and arduous oceanic journey almost 500 years ago. One is bound to feel the pride and excitement of Vasco Da Gam getting off his ships at the beach, filling the pages of history forever. Nothing can be compared to the romanticism of the evening one feels at Mananchira Square – a huge pond covering almost one square kilometre. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, one is bound to be lost in the beauty of the illuminated pond against the backdrop of purple pink sunset. And, listening to the gurgling waters of Thusharagiri Falls will make you realize why humans share a deep and spiritual connection with nature. The city of KhoziKode offers a travelling recipe with a hint of natural beauty and pinch of history. One with a traveller’s spirit is bound to get addicted to it.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Port City with a Difference ‘Kollam’

For thousands of years, travellers from other countries had been visiting India, looking for trade in various goods like spices, dry fruits and fabric etc. As the sea was the only route to travel, the sea ports, in older times, were places full of hustle and bustle. Whenever the foreigners came on ships, they tended to stay for a longer period of time as the journey in waters was quite long. Their periodic stays left an imprint on the place which one can feel even in present times. One of the most famous places in India that witnessed travellers from many cultures, coming and living there is Kollam in Kerala. Kollam or Quilon is a port that shares its name with the city located at the same place as the sea port, on the sea coast of Laccadive. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, this ancient sea port has been mentioned in travelogues of two great travellers – Ibn Batuta and Marco Polo.

Located at the banks of the lake Ashtamudi, Kollam has had the privilege of trading with Chinese, Arabs, Orientals and Romans hence once can still feel their influence in the present. As far as the significance of touring the city is concerned, one can easily guess that by a famous proverb about the city, “Once you visit Kollam, you will not go back to your home.” The Kollam beach is a popular place to spend time in the sunny afternoons. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, tourists can be seen here, basking under the sun or frolicking with the sea water. The Ashtamudi Lake is well known as a scenic backwater amongst the tourist. The ride on the house boats in the lake can make one forget all the worries of the world. There are many other tourist attractions in Kollam. For example, the Thangassery Light House, a towering structure measuring 144ft, is a famous tourist place. Then, there is a temple called Ananda Valleeswaram that is thronged by the visitors daily. The Mahatma Gandhi Park located at Kochupilamoodu is also worth paying a visit. Situated at the shores of Ashtamudi Lake, the famous Government Guest House is reputed for its old-world charm and architectural beauty. The British Residency building well known for its grandeur and Children’s Traffic and Entertainment Park are some of the places not to be missed during the visit.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Come and Be a Part of the Wild ‘Anaimalai Hills’

Are you a one getting bogged down by the monotony of your life? Is your routine life making a robot out of you? Do you crave to see the vast expanse of plains and undulating land covered in the sheet of green trees? Do you want to explore the silence absent in city life? And, Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, if you crave to be in the lap of Mother Nature, it’s time to pack your travelling gear and head south. Because waiting for you there is a surprise of nature, a place so captivating that you will end up having a memory you will cherish till you perish. The Anaimalai Hills is a place which will definitely make you forget all your past visits to Hilly areas. This mesmerizing range of mountains is located at Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. In the regional language, “Anai” means an Elephant and “Malai” meaning “Hills”, hence the hills are known as Hills of the Elephants. The highest peak named “Anamudi” is also one of the peaks in this range. It is located in Idukki District, Kerala and is a major tourist destination in South India. If one is fond of watching wildlife in their natural habitats, Anaimalai will cater by offering lots of national parks and sanctuaries. Some parks and Sanctuaries like Eravikulam National Park, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Chinnar, Anaimalai Tiger Reserve, and the famous Wildlife Sanctuary in the name of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi are the one considered to be paradise for ornithologists and tiger lovers alike.

Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, nothing can be more thrilling than following the mud-stamped foot marks of a tiger to trace them in the jungle here. The beginnings of a day with the chirping of the wild birds and cacophony of the monkeys and end with a wild assertive howling and roars of the wild beasts – that is what the Anaimalai Hills keeps in its kitty. And, if one, like in their professional lives, believes in climbing their way to the top, Anaimalai hills are a climbers’ delight. Whether one wants to cut his teeth trekking, or to hop on the hills like a seasoned mountaineer, the trekking points are going to give one the time of their life.

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