Make Your Honeymoon Memorable at 10 Best Destinations of Kerala

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” is a perfect quote said by Mignon McLaughlin. So, for a successful marriage it is important to begin it by spending quality time with each other, which certainly makes the bond stronger than earlier. And to spend quality time, honeymoon is the best time. Honeymoon is one of the best times when the newlywed enjoys the freedom and exuberance. Thus, it is important to find the right place for your honeymoon. If you are getting married and want to get a perfect honeymoon package, then you must go for Kerala Honeymoon package.

Eye-catching hill station, sun-kissed beaches, unending coconut groves, alluring backwaters or houseboat makes Kerala as one of the best romantic places blessed with the astonishing natural loveliness. The exotic freshness and lush greenery of the Kerala makes the newlywed couple get amazed with its captivating loveliness. Each of these qualities makes the newlywed couple to enjoy amazingly and spend the most precious time of their life all alone. So, if you too want to take a Kerala honeymoon package and want to know the best places to explore on the journey, then here is the below mentioned list for the same:

Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destination in Kerala are:

Munnar: The proudly standing beautiful hills of this beautiful place captivates the couple and make them get indulge in taking pleasure of the natural loveliness. Here, the couples can be quite closer to the nature. The seamless expanse of tea plantations and exotic flora & fauna in Eravikulam National Park falls at Pallivasal and Chinnakanal. Couple can stay at Windermere Estate and the best time to visit this place is October to November and January to May.

Alleppey: Alleppey is one of the most attractive places of the Kerala as it is blessed with the endless paddy fields, lush greenery and tranquil backwater. As it is a remote island so, there is quite peace at the place. The fresh air, lush green beauty, tranquil backwater and your existence is just awesome. Couples at Alleppey can experience the ultimate romance at this lonely island. You can consider this place as the most beautiful and blessed place of Kerala for honeymoon. Here couples can stay at A Beach Symphony and best time to visit is October to February.

Kovalam: Kovalam is one of the appealing places of Kerala where people spend most of their time. Kovalam beach with its landmark of lighthouse appeals the couples and entices them to enjoy their relaxed Kerala Holiday Tour. The fresh environment of the beach and cool breeze and couples holding each other’s hand is quite romantic. The sunset view of the beach is just awesome. Couple can stay at Leela Kovalam and the best time to visit is in between September to March.

Bekal: Bekal is a destination in Kerala where the couples will not only find a perfect place for love but a luxurious place to stay. Filled with natural beauty, clean sand and water and moreover the panoramic view of the Bekal fort is just amazing. There is a close proximity to the backwaters of Valiyaparamba which makes it a perfect destination to enjoy with partner. The best time to visit Bekal is in between October to March.

Wayanad: The thick rainforest cover, stunning waterfall and spice plantation is the perfect spot for the couples to enjoy the exciting honeymoon. Here couples can visit the Kurva Island for witnessing majestic beauty, trek atop of Chembra peak for spectacular view and enjoy the picturesque view of Meenmutty waterfalls. Couples can visit the rare site of the place which includes Edakkal Caves. The best time to visit Wayanad is October to May.

Kumarakom: Kumarakom is one of the amazing backwaters of Kerala where couples can enjoy the leisure activities in between the shore of Vembanad Lake. Boating and fishing are some of the activities that couples would really love to experience. The set amidst of coconut groves appeals to the couples and make them refresh. It is a must visit place in the Kerala Honeymoon package. The perfect time to visit this place is September to March. Kumarakom Lake Resort is the best place to stay.

Thekkady: Thekkady is one of the best honeymoon Destinations of Kerala where couples can explore the stunning beauty of Idukki town and Mullaperiyar Dam. To add a bit of adventure in your honeymoon trip, couples can visit the Periyar wildlife sanctuary as here they can witness a different wildlife of Kerala. The best time to visit this place is in between September to May.

Poovar: Poovar is breathtakingly a beautiful Island with make couples eyes popped up with its loveliness. The rarer congregation of sea, lake and river makes it a natural wonder of the earth and a perfect destination for honeymooners. Couples can enjoy their daytime at the beach where as the sunset at backwater ride. It is a perfect place for fishing. The best time to visit this place is in between August to March.

Vagamon: The striking hills of the Vagamon will bring you a different experience in your honeymoon as couples can indulge in the exciting sport of Paragliding which is truly an unforgettable adventurous experience for the couples. Full of meadows, orchids, pine forest, etc this is a perfect hill station that you would love to enjoy with your partner. Here couples can also enjoy the Ayurveda spa. The best time to visit this place is March to May.

Varkala: Varkala beach is the best place to experience the sun-kissed beach that makes them couple amazed with its loveliness. The lively environment of the beach will certainly make the couples to enjoy visit amazingly and leave all their worries aside. The best time to visit this place is October to March.

So, the above mentioned long list of the top ten honeymoon destinations will certainly make you clear that how you can plan your honeymoon trip. So, get the desirable destination’s Kerala Honeymoon Package and make your trip memorable.

Kerala Tour Travel Company – Revival Centre for Parched Souls ‘Ayurvedic Resorts’

With pleasures in life, comes pain, sometimes in the form of external factors like loss of loved ones or wealth – which are healed with the passage of time- and others, in the form of physical ailments. People suffer from varieties of physical problems like headaches, respiratory and digestive diseases which most of the time are related to the kind of lifestyles we have, living in the cities anywhere in the globe. In fact many studies reveal that people in developed countries are more prone to such sort of ailments which are directly or indirectly related work stress or other related tensions. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, India, being a country popular for ancient curative and health care methodology based upon nature i.e. Ayurveda, has attracted not only Indians but foreigners alike, for chronic health problems. Ayurveda has been a remedial medicinal system in India for ages. One of the primary reasons of Ayurveda catching people’s attention is that it is not believed to carry any side effects. Many have tried and been benefitted by the miraculous effects of Ayurvedic medicines. India has been a hub for treatment in Ayurvedic Medicinal system. There are many places in India having treatment centers for people interested in getting treated. Kerala is one of those regarded as heaven for Ayurveda.

As Kerala Tour Travel Company, there are many favorable factors that make Kerala an ideal place for being an Ayurvedic hub. Ayurveda believes that the herbal medicines have their medicinal qualities increased if a patient exposes himself to natural environs where he can inhale plenty of pure air. Kerala is known for its lush and verdant hills and meadows with stretches of forests. There are number of Ayurvedic Resorts here that provide lodging facilities maintained as close to nature as possible. The rooms are ideally ventilated and organic food is provided. Yoga and meditation is necessitated as a daily activity, performed in lush and open courts. As Ayurveda believes in holistic medicinal approach, the recreational activities have also been kept as close to nature as possible. Resorts provide facilities for soothing music in the evenings and every effort is taken to keep the environment as much positivity-generating as possible. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, this state has lots of hills and forests moreover there is an abundance of herbs and plants with extreme medicinal value. If one has planned to visit Kerala for its scenic beauty, visiting one of the Ayurvedic Resorts at the same time will definitely give a mind and soul-enlightening experience.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Destination for Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is the form of therapy which considers the entire aspects of a human or person comprising of body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Importantly Ayurveda is one such holistic healing methodology which has a strong base in India more than 5000 years where the sages used to perform treatments, make natural medicines and a lot of intense research was done through times in this subject resulting in much accurate and effective Ayurvedic remedies and treatments which are scientifically acknowledged. Coming together of views or beliefs of way of life and medication and the main focal point on overall health welfare, this naturalistic methodology has continue to exist after so much of oppositions, interferences and invasion raids. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, it is one such place where Ayurveda is practiced in the most authentic form with maximum enthusiasm and commitment. A variety of grounds can be attributed for the transformation of Kerala as a most preferred destination for any kind of Ayurvedic treatments or therapy including moderate temperature with optimum levels of humidity enhancing the effects of medicines, locally available range of therapeutic herbs and vegetation.

Apart from the above the pure surrounding area and scenic beauty of Kerala presents a revitalizing atmosphere, which multiplies the curability aspect of the overall Ayurvedic therapy. Long-established specialist or practitioner, possessing years of know-how and wide-ranging understanding, put forward complete therapy treatments based on Ayurveda in Kerala. There are many such Ayurvedic therapy centres all across Kerala as well as some renowned speciality resort offering such services or even one can call a consultant or Ayurvedic masseurs at the hotel room itself to give a quick refreshing massage. Most of the famous Ayurvedic centres offer predesigned courses or therapies from which you can select the best one for you or else you can have a custom made therapy sessions designed specifically for your body type and health problem(s). These sessions could vary from an introductory session which generally involves treatment through herbal oils and powders to a complete body overhauling kind of thing which is around a month or more including specialized daily Ayurvedic treatments, Yoga and Natural diets etc. so it really depends upon your stay and budget that which treatment you prefer to undergo but as Kerala Tour Travel Company we strongly suggest to try these treatment at least once to enjoy the eternal peace and rejuvenation.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Monsoon Tourism in Kerala

When one talks about travel destination of Southern India, it becomes really difficult to avoid or not to choose any destination of Kerala. Kerala is one such destination which is blessed with enormous greenery, water bodies, beaches, hills, forests, and lot many other famous cultural attractions like temples, museums, art centres, markets etc. moreover this place has a very favourable climatic conditions all round the year in comparison to other destinations of Northern India which have extreme climates in almost every season. Hence this place is rightly named as ‘God’s Own Country’ moreover it is one of the states which have large earnings from incoming domestic and international tourism in fact it wouldn’t be wrong by saying that the economy of Kerala revolves around tourism. As every other Kerala Tour Travel Company, the best season to visit Kerala is September to mid of March, whereas the months of June to August end are monsoon season here which is generally avoided by so many tourist companies and travel consultants. As the common notion is during rains it is likely that there will be natural disasters like floods, landslides, lightning etc. which would definitely ruin the trip altogether.

As per our experience being Kerala Tour Travel Company, though the number of tourist considerably decrease during these months of monsoon as there are lot many other travel options or tourist destination in the other parts of India but one cannot say there are no tourist at all visiting Kerala. People or tourists who all are familiar with the monsoon season of Kerala never miss the opportunity to travel this part of the world especially during these moths i.e. June to August. The continuous rain magnifies the beauty and greenery all over Kerala it brings out some of the best views and scenic beauty all around. The villages, town streets and forests soaked with water gives a totally unique feeling of the wonderful Kerala. We as Kerala Tour Travel Company believes that this myth should be broken that during rainy season no one visits Kerala but in fact it is the time when there are lot many chances to explore the nature’s beauty or have an experience of rejuvenation with the smell of rains in the air and water droplets on every leaf or tree which changes the absolute environmental exquisiteness of this little state of the Southern part of India.

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Kovalam Tours Online

Jenny (UK) – We have been regular to India every year we visit Goa. This time we’re planning to visit to Kerala in March but are not sure which place is good to stay as we want it to be peaceful, I have heard that Kovalam can be busy and touristy like Baga Beach Goa. Please suggest some nice place to relax with good eating joints.

Shobhit Khurana – Kovalam will be best suited to you as you seem to be fond of beaches, not to worry at all it is nowhere close to Baga Beach of Goa in terms of crowd gathering or tourist count. It is a peaceful yet immensely beautiful place the sum rise and sun set views here in Kovalam beaches are second to none. Beaches in Kovalam are much compact and cleaner. Though during Christmas or New Year holidays it becomes little crowded but all other time it is the best place to relax and enjoy the serenity of Kerala. There are some of the best eating places or restaurants alongside the beach here you can find finest mouth watering dishes especially sea food also there are certain continental and vegetarian restaurants too. If you are adventure enthusiast then here in Kovalam you can try sea surfing, speedboat or swim in the sea water.

Sukanta Mondal (Kolkata) – Next month I will going to Kovalam with my friends, which all restaurants do you recommend near lighthouse beach at Kovalam for lunch or dinner. Thanks

Shobhit Khurana – There are many eating joints or restaurants in Kovalam near the lighthouse beach area including many small food stalls offering various sea food dishes (fresh catch everyday) which are full of local as well as international flavours. Once you take stroll alongside the beach you will find a lot of restaurants offering local seafood, south India, oriental to continental European. Also if you want to opt for finest dining experience then Vivanta of Hotel Taj is the best. Moreover I suggest the Swiss Cafe and for vegetarians Suprabhatam Restaurant is awesome place having some of the finest delicacies. Some other famous restaurants near lighthouse beach are Malabar Cafe, Beatles, Seashore, and Hotel Neelkanta etc.

Carmen (Illinois) – I am planning to visit Kovalam with my spouse, we have heard a lot about this place. Could you please suggest what this place is all about, from the traveller’s point of view?

Shobhit Khurana – Kovalam is basically famous for its beaches which are one of the finest in India. They are compact and cleaner in comparison to other tourist spots like Goa in India. Moreover Kovalam is one of such place which is more popular in international tourist in comparison to domestic or local tourism. Every year thousands of International travellers are attracted to Kovalam because of views (especially sun rise and sun set views) and peaceful environment. Due to which the beaches have developed accordingly there is a row of eating joints consisting of proper restaurants and small eating joints or eating shacks serving mouth watering continental cuisines including fresh sea food daily. There are some very nice resorts adjoining these beaches but you have to be specific while making the bookings that your room type should be sea facing otherwise if you have budget constrains then you can choose various hotels and resorts which are at the walking distance 15-20 mins from the beach itself. The famous beach in Kovalam is lighthouse beach. If you have a day extra from beach relaxation then you can head to Kanyakumari which the southern tip of India. You can hire a taxi or bus service for the same and come back same day itself after spending few hours there, the sunset view at Kanyakumari is said to the attraction. Also there are various religious temples stating cultural history of India. You get to Kanyakumari and then hire a boat out to the Rock memorial that has some of the finest views of the area. Trivandrum city is also very close around an hour drive in fact Trivandrum International Airport is the closest airport to Kovalam. In Trivandrum city there are various traditional and non traditional markets, temples, museum etc. which can be explored. Also if you are beach enthusiast or got bored from the beaches of Kovalam then you can head to Varkala which around 60 KMs or 1.5 hours journey by road, this place is unique as per the topography where rocky hills meet the sea, has a good beach or coastline and is very famous from religious point of view for the people of Kerala. If you require any further assistance in finalizing your Kovalam Travel Itinerary, you may send a detailed query through our contact form on our website or on my email ID – or get in touch with us directly on our telephone numbers (+91) 9899095777, (+91) 9810483201, we at Kerala Tours Online shall be happy to assist you.

Sushma (Delhi) – I am going in for a long vacation in Kovalam with my husband. I need to purchase some traditional set of jewellery from there. Could you please guide me some prominent jeweller’s names or locations from where I could buy them.

Shobhit Khurana – Although there are number of jewellery shops in Kovalam itself but will suggest you to do purchasing from Trivandrum itself. The reason being it is a major city where you will find some of the major brands and large jewellery shops from where you can not only buy the traditional designs but all sorts of modern gold, silver and diamond jewellery. In fact you will come across some major company’s showroom as well for purchasing. There is a major jewellery street in Trivandrum which would an ideal place to start the exploring. There are few Kashmiris shops as well which also cater to jewellery hence would be better to do a quick personal research before buying as rates could vary from shop to shop and according to the brand, quality, design etc. bargaining is also done hence never to lose that opportunity.

Josh (NJ) – We are visiting Kovalam, Kerala for the first time for a week’s vacation in December this year. Our major concerns are currency exchange, mosquitoes and one of our friend is vegan hence are there some restaurant providing vegan food?

Shobhit Khurana – As far as currency exchange is concerned there is no as such problem in Kerala at all. As Kerala is a tourist friendly state like many other in India. You can easily exchange your currency at exchange bureau on the Trivandrum Airport itself or there are lot many currency exchange agent’s shops and offices at Kovalam also. But as I suggest in all my post that don’t get lured by high exchange rates offered to you on the road or by unregistered agents etc. Always go in for the reputed exchange agents having permanent office address and not to forget to take proper receipt of the deal. Regarding mosquitoes, the time of the year you are planning to visit I don’t think mosquitoes would become a problem still you can keep a good repellent with you or even buy it out here at any local market or hotel or resort people will provide you. There are lot of restaurants catering vegetarian food eastern and western style, in fact almost every restaurant has that provision but not sure about vegan cuisine hence you can get it made on order I don’t think would be of any problem.

Jake Potts (Sydney) – Hello, we are planning to spend our vacations in Kovalam this year as well. We wish the try the local coconut alcohol toddy. Since we visited two years back as well same place but couldn’t find it at any of the restaurants or marketplaces. Someone told us in regard to roadside toddy shops or shacks but I am bit sceptical in regard to hygiene. Could you please guide me some place near Kovalam where I could find clean and legitimate toddy to taste.

Shobhit Khurana – Toddy is a coconut palm based drink which isn’t necessary alcoholic as in the early morning when fresh toddy is taken out from the tree it isn’t alcoholic but gradually as the day passes by the drink transforms into alcohol. In the local regions of Kerala this drink is very famous in fact it is taken out fresh twice a day from the palms in the mornings and evenings then it is kept or preserved for few hours before selling or consuming. Toddy kept for 12 hours or overnight starts fermenting become alcoholic and develops a unique sour taste. You will definitely not find toddy at any big fancy restaurants or marketplaces, usually it is available at select government authorize outlets which you already are aware of roadside small toddy shops and shacks. Hygiene is definitely an issue at some of such places hence you need to do some research or take guidance from the local people or tour guide etc. there are certain famous toddy shops in the area which definitely maintain hygiene but moreover they dilute the toddy juice in order to serve maximum people hence you will not find the original taste still you can try any of them and also some of these toddy shops serve delicious local food which goes around well with sipping a glass of toddy. The best advice would be to look for some reference of the worker who works in these toddy shops or palm climber or toddy harvester as he could take you on a toddy harvesting trip which would be just perfect for you drinking fresh toddy directly taken out from the tree in the morning will definitely be an experience to share and second to none.