Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Flashback to the Rich Heritage ‘Museums of Kerala’

The importance of museums cannot be ruled out in our lives due to the fact that they introduce us interactively with the past. Watching a sculpture, painting or any artefact in a museum is like revisiting that moment when that piece of art was created. One can feel the passion and the energy of the artist when he must have been involved in realizing his imagination. One always has an option of viewing that creation of the artist in magazines or web sites but it is certainly not the way to feel the connection with the creative perspective of the creator. Seeing it live helps one understand the hard work the artist put in. Anybody can appreciate a piece of art. All one need is to visit a museum and focus on the creation being exhibited, allowing himself to be submerged in the moment of interaction with the masterpiece. India is abundant in the number of museums and almost every state has been active enough to preserve our national heritage.

Whenever the topic of museums is broached, Kerala surfaces as one of the most popular state having lots of museums. The museums in Kerala have preserved the heritage of Kerala quite well, showcasing the art, sculptures and music to the people of other parts of the world. Amongst the most prominent one is called the Museum of Kerala History, located near Ernakulam in Kerala. The museum exhibits the history of ancient humans till modern time using real-life size human models. Another one is the Napier Museum located in Thiruvananthapuram that presents a wonderful show of archaeological artefacts, giving viewer a vivid peek into the life and times of people hundreds of years ago. Then, there is a museum dedicated to the Indian Navy that is one of its kinds. The museum depicts an amazing panorama of how the Indian Navy came into existence, evolved over the years and took the shape it has in the present. The Koyikkal Museum in Thiruvananthapuram quenches the thirst of the artefacts enthusiasts with interests in old musical instruments and coins. The Kerala Museum uses modern techniques to showcase the cultural heritage of Kerala. The Indo-Portuguese Museum in Cochin has got the traces of Portuguese architectural style in arts and engineering of the building. The number of Museums in Kerala is endless, providing comprehensive information about the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. After having visited the museums, one is bound to fall in love with Kerala.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Heritage Well Preserved ‘Forts and Palaces’

History is full of amazing and exciting stories. It introduces us to the life and times of previous generations. It’s quite fascinating to see the affluent and royal life styles of the kings, with the forts and palaces built by them still standing tall, facing the beatings of time. The kind of facilities enjoyed by them fills us with surprise mixed with envy. Their fancy abodes tell us how wealthy they were and how blissfully they lived. The forts and palaces of historical importance are spread all across India. The Archaeological Departments owned by the states have made sure that they be preserved well, keeping the heritage of India intact. Besides Rajasthan, Kerala is one of those places in India where one can find myriads of forts and palaces, hiding many stories waiting to be revealed. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, amongst the famous one is Bolghatty Palace, located near Cochin. The palace, built by the Dutch in 18th century, is now a famous heritage hotel being managed by Kerala Tourism. Then, we have the Chendamangalam Fort situated in Ernakulam, Cochin. Surrounding the fort is verdant meadows and pastures, with three rivers flowing nearby. The fort has got a church, a mosque and a temple in its vicinity, epitomizing the religious tolerance of the region.

Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, where can one find, not a small monument but a fort built in the memory of a poet? The Kunchan Samarakam Fort was built to commemorate the great poet Kunchan Nambiar. The fort is now a famous institution, serving performing arts. If one visits Koyikkal Palace near Trivandrum, one will be treated with, not only a palace built in the famous architectural style of Kerala but one will also have the pleasure of treating their ears with the Folklore Museum housing many ancient musical instruments and eyes as well, as the second museum showcases ancient coins. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, the wonderful exhibition of the traditional Hindu Temple art and murals can be seen in the famous Mattancherry Palace in Kochi. The structure of the palace, having the traces of the Portuguese style of architecture, is a wonderful mix of cultures. Visiting Kerala for an enthusiast of Forts and Historical Monuments will definitely be a delight – an unforgettable memory, urging one to visit the place time and again.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – The Journey of Music Sopanam to Pop Music

Like its rich natural wealth, abundant backwaters, verdant hills, lush meadows and pastures, heritage buildings, palaces, holy shrines and museums, the music of Kerala has also got a long and glorious past leading to enriched present. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, Music has always played an important part in the Malayalam Language and most of it is driven by Malayalam poetry. It’s strengthened by the fact that it was musical poetry which was first written and sung long before the prose was used. With the development of poetry-driven music, many experiments were done and new forms of music were devised. One of the two popular forms was classical music which was primarily known as Carnatic music that was also quite popular in Tamilnadu and Karnataka. The other form appealed to the masses a lot, as it became quite popular in films and music albums.

Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, “Sopanam” or “steps” is quite renowned in Kerala. Sopanam Sangeetham was developed in the temples of Kerala. It is a style of Classical music. It was named so, as it was sung by the singers sitting on the steps leading to the holy shrines. The music used in the background in Kathakali Dances has got traces of Sopanam. The popular Malayalam Film music has developed not so long ago. Before the Malayalam music and its rendition existed in the background singing in music, Tamil and Hindi music was used a lot. In 1950s, the music was revolutionized as many popular Malayalam poets started penning and composing music for the film industry, giving it their own indigenous music. Later, after the masses was grooving to the film music, the traditional Kerala Music soon caught up with the current trend as another form of music called “the Kerala pop music” which dawned on the horizon of pop music in the nineties and later. The famous East Coast Vijayan group introduced the young generation of college-going crowd to the pop music, revolutionizing the music industry. Many new groups soon followed suit and, soon, another dimension got added to the Music of Kerala. Today, the amazing fusion of Malayalam music with other forms of music from different cultures has brought about a welcome change. The music of Kerala, like other cultures, has come of age.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Delight to the Senses ‘Mural Art of Kerala’

Art is an expression of the human soul. For ages, humans have been depicting their innermost feelings about everything around them on a canvas, splashing it with colours. In ancient times, the cavemen used walls as their canvas, using coal or chalk as their pencil to draw child-like drawings on the wall, sometimes filling it with colours made from vegetables, plants or stones. Right from the pre-historic ages, the not-so-developed humans at that time drew a lot on the walls. The ancient tradition of painting on a wall is still going on even today, with artists like Michelangelo having been taken it to a new unimaginable height as he painted the Bible on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. In India also, these wall paintings have been made profusely in temples and churches across cultural hubs like Kerala. Mural painting, as it is popularly known, is an ancient art in which the stories from mythology were depicted on the walls. Archaeologists have found these artefacts in Kerala that demonstrates the artist’s impression about the life and times around him.

Anjanad Valley in Idduki district in Kerala has got lot of rock paintings which archaeologists believe, were made in pre-historic times. From there, the tradition of drawing on the wall must have passed on from generation to generation, with every artist adding and giving a new dimension to it. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, the fact that the similar rock paintings were also found in Edakkal in Wayanad and at Perumkadavila in Thiruvanathapuram (Trivandrum) strengthens the notion that Kerala was one of the hubs of dispersing the tradition of wall painting to the other parts of South India. The popular mural art, dating back to 7th or 8th century, having a heavy influence of Pallava Art, is a successor to the ancient tradition of painting on the walls. Not only temples, but churches also have got beautiful mural paintings of Virgin Mary that are considered in high regards by the devotees. These mural paintings can be quite a delight for any art lover. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, after Rajasthan, Kerala is the second state in India to have the largest number of murals to titillate the tourists visiting Kerala to appreciate its cultural diversity. You can also experience the ancient art on your vacation trip to Kerala it will definitely be worth seeing once.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Be a Witness to the Past in Art and History Museum

History and Art play an extremely important role in developing an understanding for a culture of a country. If History tells us how the seeds of that culture were sown, how it evolved and took its present shape, Art, on the other hand, provides us with a deep understanding towards the contemporary lifestyles and perceptions of the culture. Museums have played a critical role in preserving the History and Arts of a society, illustrating the past and contemporary life and times of the people. In India, the number of museums that provides us with a thorough insight into the world of another community is few and it is equally rare to find a patron who can put in great efforts to maintain and nurture a collection of artefacts to exhibit to the rest of world. The aforementioned individual here is Mr Madhvan Nair who, besides being a famous industrialist, was a great art connoisseur. His foundation manages a Museum Complex pertaining to Art and History, giving us a glimpse into the life and times of Kerala. Situated in Edappally, being Kerala Tour Travel Company we feel the Complex has helped preserve the history, paintings and sculptures of Kerala.

The Complex houses many museums. One interested in getting a peek in the glorious past of Kerala can visit History Museum where life-size tableaux depicting the mannerisms, dressing styles and living standards of the people in the past have been put up. The Complex also satiates the art lovers’ thirst by displaying oil paintings and sculptures of eminent artists like Hussain, Ravi Verma, Jamini Roy, Ravindranath Tagore etc. The museum housing these masterpieces of art is huge, occupying three floors. Another museum is dedicated to miniatures, showcasing the reproductions of original works of the 16th century artists. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, for toy enthusiasts, there is a doll museum in the complex, demonstrating hand-crafted dolls from every nook and corner of India, with dolls representing young and old, bride and groom. The Complex has not done any discrimination in the field of arts, with a separate museum devoted to the reproductions of the masterpieces of world’s greatest artists like Raphael, Vinci, and Michelangelo etc. If you are a travel enthusiast and planning to visit Kerala, including a visit to the Art and History Museum in your itinerary will be a really good idea.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Touching New Heights ‘Handicrafts of Kerala’

The handicrafts of a culture are the footprints of that specific civilization. They depict a picture of the community that makes handicrafts, leaving an impression on the person owning the artefact. Indian cultures have a rich tradition of making handicrafts of artistic importance. Kerala is one such state where the process of making handicrafts has attained an artistic height. There are professional artists who have been indulging in this craft from generations, with a father passing the art to his son. Then there are amateur artists who have been pursing it as a hobby or passion. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, handicrafts artists have been experimenting with various mediums like clay, metal, seashells, bamboo, palm leaves and ivory etc. The museums, palaces and historical buildings in Kerala have got a great collection of these artistic pieces. One may feel fixated at the handicrafts made of Bell Metal Casting. It is one of the oldest arts in Kerala. Primarily used for making the idols of gods to be placed in temples, Bell Metal Casting has earned a special place in the world of arts and crafts. Besides idols, lamps and utensils have also been cast out of brass, bronze and copper. Aranmula metal mirror, discovered by accident, is profusely used to mould various craft pieces. Another popular craft called Koftagari is immensely used to produce articles. Like metals, wood is another medium that has caught the fancy of the handicrafts artists in Kerala.

As Kerala Tour Travel Company, one won’t have to bother much to find out explicit wooden artefacts used profusely to decorate temples and churches alike. Exclusive furniture, Kathakali masks and toy-dolls, decorative incense stick stands, carved wooden doors etc have been crafted in wood with much élan. The passion to use various mediums doesn’t seem to abate with the artists. The rich flora of Kerala has also been put to use for handicrafts. Screw pine has been one of the mediums used to make hats, curtains, decorative carpets and wall tapestries. With the continuous efforts by the artists of Kerala to reinvent themselves and consolidated support from the Kerala Government, the passion and craftsmanship has undoubtedly reached new heights in handicrafts. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, one can find this to be evident in the decorated pieces of articles made by the artists.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Dance Form for Masses & Classes ‘Kathakali’

India is a land of rich and delightful cultures. Every state is known for its pleasant cultural heritage. Whether it’s a style of painting or a way of dressing, or food or dance forms, all the states have got their distinct hallmark by which they are recognized. However, most of the cultures of India are known particularly by their distinctive mark in the fields of art like painting, sculpture or dance forms. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, one of the most elegant displays of fine arts in the field of dance can be seen in the prevalent dance forms of Kerala. These various forms were initially originated from the popular traditional stories amongst a local group of people but, with the passage of time, they evolved into classical dance forms with mass appeal. Amongst the prominent and famous dance forms from Kerala is Kathakali which is believed to be originated in 17the century. With time, Kathakali has reformed itself in terms of its themes, make-up and gestures etc. The attention-grabbing make-up of the dancers, their elegant movements of facial expressions, hands and body and their dressing have taken a new shape with the passage of time.

Kathakali incorporates, not one but a lot of other dance forms in it. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, one may find its similarities with a classical drama in Sanskrit enacted in Kerala and with a musical adaptation of old Sanskrit dance form. Many other dance forms performed ritualistically in Kerala have also been accommodated in it. The body language of Kathakali has got the traces of Kalarippayattu – a martial art prevalent in south India. It quickly gained acceptance with the masses as the language of the performance was made relatively simpler, with Malayalam and some Sanskrit used as a language of the dance form. Kathakali received a new dimension when it was used to perform in many Indian and international literary plays, popularizing the art form amongst the common individual. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, the successful renderings of stories of Mahabharata and other epics caused Kathakali to be readily accepted by the theatre-visiting average man. More attempts to popularize it further are constantly being done by its performers.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Festival of Festivals ‘Thrissur Pooram’

Kerala is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations, not only for Indians, but for the tourists from other countries as well. For the people who appreciate the cultural and historical heritage of Kerala, pine to visit it frequently. At the same time, being Kerala Tour Travel Company, the natural lovers have equally found themselves enamoured by the spell-binding and breath-taking beauty of this one of the most popular places in down South. One flipping the pages of a book on Kerala’s Heritage is bound to stop and gape at the snapshots depicting the religiosity and the cultural inclination of the people of Kerala. And, in these pages, one will find a great reference to “Thrissur Pooram” that has earned its place as one of the most popular temple festival held in the city of Thrissur. The city plays host to the festival every year in April or May. Many temples of great repute in Kerala participate in it, presenting an awesome picture of pure religious fervours, passion and devotion coupled with grandeur and lavishness.

The ceremonies start off seven days before the main Pooram. The commencement is marked by all the participating temples hoisting a flag, depicting the formal commencement of the festival. After the jubilation of three days, the fourth day is celebrated by the pyrotechnics, known as Sample Vedikettu which is grand display of strikingly colourful and unique fireworks appearing more prominent against the backdrop of night sky in the Thekkinkadu Maidan where the festival is held. The spectacular firework is followed by another remarkable event that leaves an indelible mark etched forever in one’s memory. One is bound to be mesmerized by the fantastic march of swaying golden elephants being commanded deftly by the mahouts sitting atop the heads, holding fluffy fan made of peacock feathers. On the sixth day of the festival, all the participating temples march with lot of fanfare, the processions garnering lot of viewers supporting and cheering them. A display of firework far more spectacular than before again awaits one on the seventh day, it being the concluding day of the festival. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, the Thrissur Pooram festival, in a true sense of festivities, garners participation from all the sections of the society. This festival is a marvellous example of “unity in diversity”.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – The Abode of God ‘Thiruvananthapuram’

The father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, admiring its natural beauty, called it “Evergreen City of India”. He was not exaggerating at all about Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), which wears the crown for being one of the major greenest cities and capital of Kerala. The city owes its name to “Anantha Padmanabha” or Lord Vishnu. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, the city was earlier known as Trivandrum, but later, rechristened to Thiruvananthampuram, meaning “Abode of Lord Vishnu”. It is located at the extreme western part of the tip of south India. The city is flanked by the mighty Arabian Sea in its west and Tamil Nadu in the east. It stands tall on seven low hills surrounding the Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple. It has its own international airport in fact it is the one such place from where you start your Kerala tour or spends end of your Kerala travel vacation, every year thousands of local as well as international tourist or travellers visit this place, a major tourist destination. The outer rim of the city on its west is marked with sun-kissed beaches and lush backwaters. The fact that the city boasts of an impressive cultural heritage and lots of historical monuments, makes it a much sought-after tourist destination.

Being on the shores of the Arabian Sea, the city has a tropical climate. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year, with maximum temperature being 35 degrees in summers and 18 degrees in winters. The places worth having a tour of, includes the majestic “Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple” with its mesmerizing exteriors and interiors. Then, for the astronomically inclined, there is a hundred years old observatory. In and around the city, one can find many posh palaces built by the ruling kings. One of the attractions that pull the tourists out of their places and make them visit Kerala is the backwaters. The city is etched with water canals. Having a boat ride through these waterways can make one feel as if they were in Venice. The concrete buildings of the city contrasts beautifully with thatched roofs of the mud-smeared huts. The city possesses another feather in its cap, of that harbouring the topmost Research & Development institutions and IT organizations of India. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, Thiruvananthapuram is an amazing mix of modernity with cultural heritage. The city hasn’t let its charm be lost to the wave of development, preserving its true cultural flavour.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – ‘Paradesi Synagogue’ a Harmony of Religion with Aesthetic

Religions have been one of the foremost motivations for the majority of the people all over the world. Religion has done a wonderful task of joining people together, most of the times, to achieve great causes. For ages, humans have followed their faiths with lot of commitments. Humans build religious structures and buildings or the places of worship which is a token of love towards that Supreme Being. Some of these religious places have been built with lot of panache. One can see fascinating exteriors decorated with lot of architectural work and spell-binding interiors adding to the religious fervours. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, If you are the one passionate about appreciating the religiosity of various faiths and a great admirer of ancient buildings, Kerala has got something for you. The “Paradesi Synagogue”, termed as the oldest synagogue among all the 53 member countries of the Commonwealth Nations, is one of those religious places that have not been faded by the battering of time. Due to its historical significance already well known to the tourists visiting Kochi, the synagogue is well revered and nicely maintained. The Paradesi Synagogue is a place of worship for the Malabar Yehudans, popularly known as Cochin Jewish Community. The fact, it was constructed in 1567 notwithstanding, the interiors and exteriors of the building have been constantly renovated to make it look new.

No sooner does one enter the place than the synagogue arrests one in its mesmerizing interiors. From the entrance itself, an assortment of rare antiques will hold your attention. The walls are lined with huge glass windows, with the daylight passing through and falling on the chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, making them look as if they were made of crystals. These marvellous chandeliers were brought from Belgium in 19th century. Your eyes will soon be brought to the floor by an artwork of high precision as you notice that the floor is tiled beautifully with the Chinese willow-patterned tiles. Each tile has got a hand-painted pattern different from the others. There is a small brass pulpit placed in the middle of the room. The other antiques include 4th century copper plates with royal inscriptions over it, four ancient holy scrolls and two gold crowns gifted by the King of Kochi and Travancore. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, the synagogue is definitely a traveller’s delight and doubles up as a museum also.

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