Kerala Tour Travel Company – Revival Centre for Parched Souls ‘Ayurvedic Resorts’

With pleasures in life, comes pain, sometimes in the form of external factors like loss of loved ones or wealth – which are healed with the passage of time- and others, in the form of physical ailments. People suffer from varieties of physical problems like headaches, respiratory and digestive diseases which most of the time are related to the kind of lifestyles we have, living in the cities anywhere in the globe. In fact many studies reveal that people in developed countries are more prone to such sort of ailments which are directly or indirectly related work stress or other related tensions. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, India, being a country popular for ancient curative and health care methodology based upon nature i.e. Ayurveda, has attracted not only Indians but foreigners alike, for chronic health problems. Ayurveda has been a remedial medicinal system in India for ages. One of the primary reasons of Ayurveda catching people’s attention is that it is not believed to carry any side effects. Many have tried and been benefitted by the miraculous effects of Ayurvedic medicines. India has been a hub for treatment in Ayurvedic Medicinal system. There are many places in India having treatment centers for people interested in getting treated. Kerala is one of those regarded as heaven for Ayurveda.

As Kerala Tour Travel Company, there are many favorable factors that make Kerala an ideal place for being an Ayurvedic hub. Ayurveda believes that the herbal medicines have their medicinal qualities increased if a patient exposes himself to natural environs where he can inhale plenty of pure air. Kerala is known for its lush and verdant hills and meadows with stretches of forests. There are number of Ayurvedic Resorts here that provide lodging facilities maintained as close to nature as possible. The rooms are ideally ventilated and organic food is provided. Yoga and meditation is necessitated as a daily activity, performed in lush and open courts. As Ayurveda believes in holistic medicinal approach, the recreational activities have also been kept as close to nature as possible. Resorts provide facilities for soothing music in the evenings and every effort is taken to keep the environment as much positivity-generating as possible. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, this state has lots of hills and forests moreover there is an abundance of herbs and plants with extreme medicinal value. If one has planned to visit Kerala for its scenic beauty, visiting one of the Ayurvedic Resorts at the same time will definitely give a mind and soul-enlightening experience.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Periyar National Park, in the lap of Nature

As Kerala Tour Travel Company, one of the major tourist attractions in the southern part of India is Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary has been declared as a protected area. It is located in Idukki and Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. This Wildlife Sanctuary has got the distinction of being one of the most famous protected habitats for Tigers and Elephants. The Sanctuary is also quite well known as Thekkady. Nestled between Cardamom Hills and Pandalam Hills bordering Tamil Nadu, it provides for an amazing escape from the hustle-bustle of city life. The noble act of conserving the flora and fauna in Kerala was first initiated by the King of Travancore. Worried by the commercialization of the area surrounding Periyar Lake the king decided to limit the area to private recreational activities making sure that the growing plantations of Tea could be checked. Later, after independence, the area was declared as a wildlife sanctuary to be governed and maintained by State Government of Kerala.

The beautiful Periyar Lake came into existence when, in 1985, MullaPeriyar Dam was constructed. The lake is a huge water body spread across almost 26 kilometers. The famous Periyar River and the lake together quench the thirst of local wildlife, keeping the environs lush and green. The area around the Periyar reservoir is the Periyar National Park. The famous Cardamom Hills stands tall on the north and the east while, in the west, it spreads across a huge flat land to the Pamba River. The climate of the National Park is fluctuating, dropping to 15 degrees around December and January and rising to 31 degrees around April and May, breaking the seasonal monotony. The Park’s reservoir and both the rivers – Pamba and Periyar – get flooded with rain water during June, lasting till September, followed by another shower from October till December, keeping the flora of the region in its natural state. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, Periyar National Park vacation package is highly recommended to adventure or nature enthusiast also people seeking serenity or relaxing vacations with family or friends. The flora around the reservoir is spectrum of marvels with various species of orchids and grass, adding to the colour palette of nature. The park has provided sanctuary to more than 30 species of mammals, with the usual sightings of royal Bengal tigers and elephants moving about feely in their natural habitat.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Destination for Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is the form of therapy which considers the entire aspects of a human or person comprising of body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Importantly Ayurveda is one such holistic healing methodology which has a strong base in India more than 5000 years where the sages used to perform treatments, make natural medicines and a lot of intense research was done through times in this subject resulting in much accurate and effective Ayurvedic remedies and treatments which are scientifically acknowledged. Coming together of views or beliefs of way of life and medication and the main focal point on overall health welfare, this naturalistic methodology has continue to exist after so much of oppositions, interferences and invasion raids. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, it is one such place where Ayurveda is practiced in the most authentic form with maximum enthusiasm and commitment. A variety of grounds can be attributed for the transformation of Kerala as a most preferred destination for any kind of Ayurvedic treatments or therapy including moderate temperature with optimum levels of humidity enhancing the effects of medicines, locally available range of therapeutic herbs and vegetation.

Apart from the above the pure surrounding area and scenic beauty of Kerala presents a revitalizing atmosphere, which multiplies the curability aspect of the overall Ayurvedic therapy. Long-established specialist or practitioner, possessing years of know-how and wide-ranging understanding, put forward complete therapy treatments based on Ayurveda in Kerala. There are many such Ayurvedic therapy centres all across Kerala as well as some renowned speciality resort offering such services or even one can call a consultant or Ayurvedic masseurs at the hotel room itself to give a quick refreshing massage. Most of the famous Ayurvedic centres offer predesigned courses or therapies from which you can select the best one for you or else you can have a custom made therapy sessions designed specifically for your body type and health problem(s). These sessions could vary from an introductory session which generally involves treatment through herbal oils and powders to a complete body overhauling kind of thing which is around a month or more including specialized daily Ayurvedic treatments, Yoga and Natural diets etc. so it really depends upon your stay and budget that which treatment you prefer to undergo but as Kerala Tour Travel Company we strongly suggest to try these treatment at least once to enjoy the eternal peace and rejuvenation.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Monsoon Tourism in Kerala

When one talks about travel destination of Southern India, it becomes really difficult to avoid or not to choose any destination of Kerala. Kerala is one such destination which is blessed with enormous greenery, water bodies, beaches, hills, forests, and lot many other famous cultural attractions like temples, museums, art centres, markets etc. moreover this place has a very favourable climatic conditions all round the year in comparison to other destinations of Northern India which have extreme climates in almost every season. Hence this place is rightly named as ‘God’s Own Country’ moreover it is one of the states which have large earnings from incoming domestic and international tourism in fact it wouldn’t be wrong by saying that the economy of Kerala revolves around tourism. As every other Kerala Tour Travel Company, the best season to visit Kerala is September to mid of March, whereas the months of June to August end are monsoon season here which is generally avoided by so many tourist companies and travel consultants. As the common notion is during rains it is likely that there will be natural disasters like floods, landslides, lightning etc. which would definitely ruin the trip altogether.

As per our experience being Kerala Tour Travel Company, though the number of tourist considerably decrease during these months of monsoon as there are lot many other travel options or tourist destination in the other parts of India but one cannot say there are no tourist at all visiting Kerala. People or tourists who all are familiar with the monsoon season of Kerala never miss the opportunity to travel this part of the world especially during these moths i.e. June to August. The continuous rain magnifies the beauty and greenery all over Kerala it brings out some of the best views and scenic beauty all around. The villages, town streets and forests soaked with water gives a totally unique feeling of the wonderful Kerala. We as Kerala Tour Travel Company believes that this myth should be broken that during rainy season no one visits Kerala but in fact it is the time when there are lot many chances to explore the nature’s beauty or have an experience of rejuvenation with the smell of rains in the air and water droplets on every leaf or tree which changes the absolute environmental exquisiteness of this little state of the Southern part of India.

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Periyar Tours Online

Anderson (Brazil) – Is it practical to attempt to travel from Periyar to Varkala in a single day – how much time would it take via road? Travelling with my kids – so most likely can’t be expecting them to be on the road for much more than four or five hours at a time. Also honestly not sure will it be even worth visiting Varkala or should we plan for some other destination adjoining Periyar.

Shobhit Khurana – It is absolutely achievable in 5 hours from Periyar to Varkala, further there are several resting points and small big restaurants on the highway as you are travelling with Kids. Usually people travelling on the same route take a mid stoppage at Allepey for an hour or less to relax. Varkala has a beach which is also called papanasam beach, also has a religious reference that taking dip in sea water here washes away the sins of one’s life. Like all other beaches of Kerala it is also full of nature’s beauty, calmness and a good destination for a family vacation. It is the only place in Kerala where you can observe small cliffs alongside the coastal line of Arabian Sea. It is a prominent tourist destination where you can enjoy various water sports with your kids, do swimming and take sun bath on the beach. This beach is lively throughout the day due to heavy tourism both religious (adjacent to famous Hindu temples) and otherwise. I personally recommend this destination to you on your Periyar trip. if you require any further assistance in finalizing your Periyar or Varkala travel itinerary, you may send a detailed query through our contact form on our website or on my email ID – or get in touch with us directly on our telephone numbers (+91) 9899095777, (+91) 9810483201, we at Kerala Tours Online shall be happy to assist you.

Brandon Lee (South Africa) – We’re on short trip of total 4 days i.e. 2 days to Alleppey and 2 days Cochin in January. Is it practical to fit in a visit to Periyar while we’re there and would it be quicker to get there from Allepey or Cochin? Should we get a taxi if it’s possible and if so, how long would the trip take?

Shobhit Khurana – as you have mentioned that you are already visiting two important destinations within 4 days. Both Allepey and Kochi (Cochin) are popular destinations and would suggest you to enjoy these destinations itself, there is lot to see and two days for each is already on the minimal side. Regarding Periyar many travel companies will suggest you for a single day trip but practically I would suggest trip to Periyar only if you can extend your visit by minimum of two more days. It takes around 5 hours to reach Periyar by road (taxis are easily available) from Kochi or Allepey, almost the same distance. I would not recommend you for a night travel by road instead you can start your journey early morning around 7 AM and reach Periyar by afternoon. Check into your hotel relax there for a while, visit tea factory and nearby spice plantations and spend a night. Next morning wake up early you have a half day to enjoy Periyar National Park and then later in the afternoon you can drive back to Kochi to catch your flight to home.

Nivedita (Singapore) – I am visiting Kerala in November this year with my husband and school time friends, we are planning to take the tiger trail trek in Periyar. Though it is an overnight trek but i think would definitely be worthwhile, any tips / suggestion for the same? Do we need to bring our own sleeping bags or other camping equipments?

Shobhit Khurana – Periyar wildlife sanctuary’s tiger trail trek is a nice choice to enjoy a night in the wilderness and nature’s mesmerizing views. I would sincerely suggest that you should confirm all your specific queries with respective tour operator who is arranging for tiger trail trek as the facilities vary according to the budget still in general all the camping equipments and sleeping bag cost etc. will be included and arranged by the organizers themselves. You may carry a small personal hand bag with single set clothes (in case it rains or otherwise), general medicines, mosquito repellent cream and other toiletries etc. Though Periyar wildlife sanctuary has a good number of tigers as well as elephants but the sightings are rare due to the overall size of the park hence it’s better to trek alongside the rivers as animals come there often also it depends upon the experience of your forest guide. Never mind in case if you don’t spot any of the tigers or elephants on your overnight trek but I can assure you that your trek would still be worthwhile and immensely beautiful landscapes all around.