Kerala Wildlife Tour Enables Tourist to Experience Thrill Closely

Kerala being the blessed land of South India region attracts most of the travellers for its beautiful sightseeing, pleasant nature experience, historical tour, religious visit, wildlife tour, etc. Among all these tour attractions, Kerala wildlife tour is one of the amazing tours in which travellers will get the thrilling experiences at diverse wildlife tour destinations of Kerala. Apart from thrilling experiences, travellers will also enjoy varied wildlife activities. It is a travel in which vacationers will visit across diverse wildlife sanctuaries and make the Kerala wildlife tour filled with lots of joy and experience. Some of the popular wildlife sanctuaries in which vacationers definitely explore are as follows:

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the popular and protected areas in the Tamil Nadu which comprises of diverse eco systems and ethnic cultural heritage. Here tourists can witness the great population of grizzled giant squirrel, spotted deer, slender loris, wild elephant, star tortoise, tufted grey langur, gaur, crocodile, tiger, leopard and many a birds, insects and plants. Tourists who have medicinal plants knowledge can spot here. While exploring in the wildlife sanctuary, travellers witness the inspection bungalow, dormitory and cafeteria/at Chinnar check post to cater to the needs of visitors.

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Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park is an ideal destination to witness the rich biodiversity of high elevation grassland ecosystem. It is the home of Nilgiri Tahr. Spread over in 97 sq km in the Kannan devan hills, the Eravikulam National Park stands out for its grassland and endangered mountain goat of South India. While exploring the national park travellers can spot important fauna including Nilgiri Tahr, Nilgiri Langur, leopard, tiger, Indian bison, etc. During the early months of the every year, the national park may be closed due to the calving of Nilgiri Tahr.

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Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Spread over in 14 acres, Kumarakom bird sanctuary has variety of birdlife. If vacationers are bird lovers then visiting this sanctuary is worth paying. Travellers must visit in between the months of June and August. It is the breeding season of resident wetland birds such as Little cormorant, Indian Darter, white ibis, different species of egrets and herons, several species of kingfishers, etc. In between the months of November to May, there are several migratory birds are found. Apart from these attractions, there is a Vembanad lake body that captivates the vacationers as well as waterfowl like birds of prey like osprey, pin-tailed duck, garganey teal, steppe eagle, spot-billed duck, marsh harrier, etc.

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Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park is located in Thekkady and known as one of the popular places of scenic beauty and rich biodiversity. It is the most protected area for the elephants and the tigers. It has the picturesque lake which is an artificial 100 years old lake at Thekkady. It is known for its wild elephants. The evergreen forest with extremely thick tree covers the sun-rays. The height of the trees is up to 130-140 feet. Apart from dense and thick forests, some of the regions of the national park contain marshy grasslands.

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Silent Valley National Park

Silent Valley National Park is located at the Mukkalil which is located 20 km from Mannarkkad town in Palakkad District, Malabar, Kerala, India. It is a reserve for numerous rare plants and herbs. The park is rich in its wildlife which includes elephants, lion-tailed macaques and tigers are the most common. The visit to park considered as the lifetime experience for the travellers. Though the national park is smaller in size comparatively to the others, but it has the unique environment. There are numbers of high altitude peaks and several rivers that run through it, so plan for this tour now.

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Each of these attractions of Kerala wildlife tour is truly amazing and it leaves a lasting impression on the travellers. The beauty and well-preservation of each of these national parks is quite enjoyable. One must visit here to experience thrill at its best. So, get the best Kerala wildlife sanctuaries tour and make the travel worth visiting. It is one of the best experiences that vacationers can ever have.

Experience the Breathtaking Activities on Your Kerala Adventure Tour

Kerala Trekking Tour

Exploring Kerala for majestic beauty, sightseeing and romance is undoubtedly amazing as it is a winner of all mesmerizing destinations of India. But, when it comes to have some adventure in Kerala, does the state offers the same fun and pleasure as like nature tour and romantic tours? Well, of course it welcomes all adventure seekers open heartedly and enables them to have fun adventure at various best destinations of Kerala. Some of the popular destinations where travellers can enjoy by experiencing adventure activities are as follows:

List of Adventure Activities to Experience in Kerala

Bamboo Rafting along the Rivers

You might be thinking that how bamboo can play a good role in adventure tour? Isn’t, well tourists on Periyar tiger reserve located in Thekkady enjoy this adventure activity, where travellers have to raft the river by using bamboo. It is adventurous as hardly people use bamboo to travel from one shore to another, but here on this travel tourists will experience along with witnessing the animals and listening melodious sound of birds. This rafting can be experienced early in the morning as it takes approx. 9 hours. Tourists, on their journey can also enjoy it in Wayanad.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Tourists on their Kerala adventure can experience Kayaking and Canoeing activities in different kinds. While enjoying these adventurous activities, travellers can also mesmerize the beauty of immense backwaters. The cool breeze and thrilling experience of the Kayaking entices the travellers to get indulge in the same activity again and again.

Mountain Climbing

Travellers who want to add more fun on their adventure tour, they must experience the mountain climbing as it is a bit different experience for sure. Chembra Peak in Wayanad is one of the best places where travellers can experience the best mountain climbing. While deciding to go on this experience, one must take some eatables as it is required on the climbing. For the safety purpose, one must take mosquito repellents. The adventure seeker on this adventure can witness the misty view of the mountain, which is truly excellent. So, take pictures of the same.


Thekkady is a spot where travellers can walk along the tiger trail to experience trekking. As it is a dense forest, so there will be expert guides available for you to take precautions. While trekking the forest, travellers can even spot a number of animals all through the way. If tourists have planned to enjoy trekking for 2-3 days, then it is must to enjoy jungle food cooking and sleep in tent. Though, it is dangerous as tiger can come to your tent anytime, but it is certainly adventurous. Travellers can also enjoy some jungle fruits while exploring the dense forest.


Tourists can fly high while taking pleasure of paragliding activity. Vagamon in Kerala is a place where travellers can experience this activity thoroughly. This can be experienced under the expert Para gliders who take the accountability to assist you in knowing the instructions. One can fly high in the cool breeze of Kerala and can experience the panoramic view of the state. It is a breathtaking experience and memorable as well.

Scuba Diving

Travellers who don’t have hydro phobia, they can enjoy the scuba diving at Kovalam and Cochin. The duration of the drive is of 15 and 30 mins in which the travellers can closely see the underwater world and the marine life of the water animals and species. It is again a wonderful experience on the adventure tours of Kerala. One can go for it for sure as here also tourists will get guides to make your drive easier. Though it is thrilling, but adventure is all about numerous challenges, so accept and experience it.

Trademill Workout

Tourists on their adventure travel will not miss their gym workout as, trademill workout is there for the travellers. While paddling the paddy fields, travellers can experience the natural gym and it is again a fun activity for many travellers. Irrigation of paddy fields takes a lot of time as well as physical strength to complete the entire day task. It is tough, but funny at the same time. It can bring you immense fun and a wonderful experience all through the way. It is enjoyable and tiring for sure.

Tree- House Stay

While enjoying a number of adventurous activities, travellers will even get a chance to enjoy a stay on Tree-house which is breathtaking. Tourists on their adventure tour will spot a number of wild animals such as leopards, pigs, wild boar, elephants, tigers, bears, etc . You might spot these animals under your tree house and hence you can witness them quite closely. Don’t worry they can reach you and harm you. You can take pleasure of the lush green surrounding from a certain height without any fear of animal attack. It will be a lifetime experience for the travellers.

Wildlife Safari

Taking pleasure of tree house is not enough for the travellers as wildlife safari – which is quite enjoyable is still on your list to do. Wildlife safari is beyond all. While enjoying the wildlife safari, travellers can easily discover a number of flora and fauna. This safari tour will even enables the travellers to understand how important it is to protect jungle and natural beauty. Tourists can enjoy both kinds of safaris which includes day and nocturnal. This safari tour will surely bring you immense happiness for sure.

All these activities on your Kerala adventure tour are thoroughly amazing and breathtaking. It brings a lifetime experience which is certainly unforgettable. Isn’t this travel is a great experience for travellers? Well, of course it is after all it is a blend of all amazing adventurous activities, so one must plan to get the right adventure tour package of your choice to make your dream come true. We have a wide range of itineraries along with the customization service, so travellers can consult us for any kind of a change they need in their package. Else, it is your call to take the brilliant package to experience amazing adventure activities that too on the same tour. So, consult us now and we will not disappoint you for sure.

Discover What Travellers Can Experience on Kerala Voyage

Wrapped in natural environment Kerala is a wonderland for travellers and it astonishes them. Be it the stunning hills, appealing beaches, relaxing Ayurveda, calm backwater, adventurous trekking and mesmerizing temples, everything is far beyond imagination and words. Travellers all across world, visit the state to get indulge in various activities and immerse themselves in refreshing nature of Kerala. Would you like to know, how travellers can enjoy here in diverse ways? Well, the place offers you a number of different holiday and tour packages that compels you to plan for the same and enjoy each tour. Though it is perplexing for you to find the right tour package of your choice, but here are the differences and details of each tour package that Kerala tourism is offering, so have a look at the details such as follows:

Kerala Beach Holiday Package

The sun-kissed beaches of Kerala are not only beautiful but, they are also perfect for enjoyment. Here travellers can take pleasure of sunny day and cool environment due to water. The blend of sunny day and cool breeze provides an awesome experience for the travellers. Some of the popular beaches where travellers can visit are Kollam, Alappuzha, Bekal, Beypore, Chavakkad, Cherai, Chowara, Kappad, Kanwatheertha, Kolavi Palam, Kozhikode, Kuzhupilly, Meenkunnu, Muzhappilangad, Munambam, Poovar, Thaikadappuram and many more. Each of these beaches is comprises of unique charm and travellers will enjoy unique experience. Hence Kerala Beach Holiday Package is quite enjoyable as travellers can have immense fun at different beach destinations since morning to evening along with experiencing some water activities.

Kerala Wildlife Safari Tour Packages

Among various attractions, Kerala’s wildlife is very popular among travellers and they can thoroughly enjoy the Kerala Wildlife Safari Tour Packages as it is all about exploring the dense forests of the place along with experiencing wildlife adventure experience. Tourists on their Kerala Wildlife Safari tour enjoy witnessing the wild animals and rich flora and fauna of the wildlife destinations. Some of the popular wildlife destinations that tourists can explore are Eravikulam National Park, Idukki wildlife sanctuary, Kumarakom bird sanctuary, Thattekkad bird sanctuary, Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary, Wayanad wildlife sanctuary. Each of these destinations is blessed with natural beauty and tourists must plan for this to enjoy and add some thrill and adventure in their life.

Kerala Hill Station Tour Packages

Being the amusing state, Kerala hill stations also captivates travellers from all over the world and engages them to explore the lush greenery and get more close to nature. The charming beauty from a certain height and cool atmosphere just heals the heart of travellers and compel them to enjoy every single minute. There are a number of hill stations that travellers on their Kerala Hill Station Tour Packages can explore and have fun. Some popular hills of the state are Chembra peak, Chithirapuram, Devikulam, Idukki, Lakkidi, Muttupatty, Munaar, Phythal Mela, Vythiri and many more. Each of these hill stations is alluring and mesmerizing. So, tourists must visit these hill stations to experience a different tourism. Among all, tourists can also take the pre-planned Kerala hill station tour packages or get the customized service from us. We at Kerala Tours Online will be quite happy to serve you best.

Ayurveda Treatment Tour Packages

What makes Kerala different state in entire India is its peaceful environment and moreover its precious Ayurveda treatment tour package. Kerala state enables the travellers to take pleasure of rich and relaxing Ayurveda treatment. The Ayurveda Treatment Tour Packages of Kerala is comprises of diverse kinds of treatments and practices that heals the stress of the travellers and provide them an unparalleled experience. It generates positive vibes to the travellers and makes them feel happy and positive. To get some treatments, this blog will help the travellers to find the best one as per their need. As each treatment is different from one another, so read this blog to find which one is better for you and then decide to take the best package. As we provide you customized service as well, so one need not to worry at all. To get some relaxation, other than Ayurveda tour, Kerala backwater is one of them.

Kerala Backwater

Situated on the Malabar coastline, Kerala is a popular destination for Kerala backwaters. The series of various lakes and lagoons make the backwater breathtaking which is no doubt blessed with enormous and mesmerizing beauty. The cool environment, lush green surrounding and tranquillity everywhere makes travellers amazed with its blessed beauty. Tourists on their Kerala backwater tour can visit a number of backwaters such as Alappuzha – Canal Cruise, Alappuzha – Kochi cruise, Alumkadavu, Kollam, Backwater stretches of Ashtamudi, Kumarakom, Kuttanad – the rice bowl of Kerala, Chithari – a small tropical island and many more. Each of these Kerala backwaters is beautiful and their houseboat journey is awesome and one must try them. Tourists must enjoy the overnight journey of Kerala Backwaters. We are here to make the tour awesome.

Kerala Trekking Tours

Travellers on their Kerala tour will get a chance to enjoy trekking, so one must plan for it. The Kerala trekking tours are one of the tours that enable the travellers to trek different parts of the Kerala and enjoy the thrill and adventure in their journey. The lush green beauty and trekking sites enable the travellers to easily trek Munnar, Pookkat lake, Thenmala, Chimmini, etc. Each of these destinations is perfect for the trekking and trekkers would not face any sort of problem. In order to get the right trekking tour package, one must read the blog Kerala Trekking Tours. This blog will surely help the people to find the right destination as per their choice.

This blog is all about what travellers can experience in Kerala, hope the information shared in this blog is helpful to you. So, plan your desirable tour and we are here to make your travel easy. We at Kerala tours online are accountable for your Kerala journey. So, contact us to get the right assistance.

Glance at Fun and Frolic Destinations of God’s Own Country – Kerala

Looking for a rejuvenating tour of India and thinking for a destination? Well, what would be better than God’s own country “Kerala”. Let’s find what is there for you to explore and enjoy at the place. As its God’s own country, it is full of blessed loveliness, be it lush green environment, tranquil river and enjoyable backwaters and beaches. So you can this destination an amazing place to explore and have fun every day of the trip.

Let’s find the top destinations to explore in Kerala

Alleppey: Alleppey is one of the best places of the city as here travellers will get a chance to enjoy the backwater trip on houseboat. Alleppey is mentioned as the one of the destinations known as ‘Venice of the East’ by Lord Curzon. So, here travellers will explore the beautiful loveliness of the Alleppey through the houseboat trip and imprint its picturesque beauty in mind. While enjoying the houseboat trip, travellers will feel like as if they reached more close to the nature. They will also find it easy to witness the paddy areas below the water levels, small chapels, ducks and lilies. Travellers can also enjoy fishing with netting here. Some other destinations that tourists can visit during the trip includes Chettikulangara Bhagawathy Temple, Sri Krishna Temple in Ambalappuzha, Arthunkal Church , Krishnapuram Palace, Pathiramanal, Marari Beach and many more.

Munnar: Munnar is the most popular hill stations of the place. Tourist will get an exclusive chance to view the extreme mountain slopes that covers approx. 80,000 miles of green tea farms. It is more like organic bedding over mountains. The cold and tranquil environment of this place will keep the travellers relaxed all through the journey. The popular destinations to explore at Munnar are Blossom Park, Pothamedu ViewPoint, Attukal Waterfalls, Lockhart Gap, Cheeyapara Waterfalls, Life of Pi Church, TATA Tea Museum, Top Station, Kundala Lake, Mattupetty Dam, and Eravikulam National Park. Apart from the loveliness, the place also offers a chance to enjoy the waterfalls and hiking.

Kumarakom: While enjoying the trip of Kerala, Kumarakom will bring you an opportunity to stay at this small village and enjoy sipping coconut water and having authentic food of Kerala in the fresh air. As it is located near the Venbanad lake, Kumarakom enables the tourists to witness the exotic scenic beauty of flora and fauna. As it is a small village, tourist will also get a chance to enjoy the house boat cruising, fishing, sightseeing. Here, tourist can also visit to the sanctuary where they can find a number of varieties of birds such as teal, cuckoo, waterfowl, wild duck, egrets, herons, darters and also migratory birds. This is truly a breathtaking experience for the travellers.

Kochi: Kochi is a part of Ernakulam which is a beautiful district situated at the coast of the Arabian Sea. It is a must visit place for the travellers as it will enable people to explore the Kochi Fort which is an ideal structure designed in different styles including British, Portuguese and Dutch, which is quite different from other destinations of Kerala. As it is a metropolitan city and IT hug, so there are less tourist attractions, but it will enable the tourists to easily move from here to there. Some of the major attractions of the place include Jewish Synagogue, Dutch Cemetery, Chinese Fishing Nets, Mattancherry Palace, etc.

Thekkady: Thekkady is popular for its Wildlife sanctuary where tourists can find number of species of animals including sambars, gaurs, elephants, tigers, rare lion tailed macaques, etc. The attractive wildlife and scenic beauty of the place enables the tourists to spend more time at this place. Travellers can also go for an awesome adventure sports including Moozhiyar to Thekkadi via Gavi spinning.

Wayanad: Wayanad region is stretched along with the Western Ghats and has an alluring scenic beauty. The thick forests, coconut palms, paddy fields, lofty peaks are some of the features that makes this place look more beautiful. As the nature of this place is terrain so, travellers can go for some adventurous activities such as trekking to Chembra Peak and Meenmutty Falls, climbing to Edakkal Caves and spotting sectaries. People who want to stay at this place is also possible as there are many delightful homestays are available in the area.

After enjoying various popular destinations of Kerala, people can also spend some quality time at beaches to add more fun in the trip. Some of the popular beaches are:

• Alappuzha Beach
• Bekal
• Beypore in Kozhikode
• Chavakkad Beach, Thrissur
• Cherai Beach, Kochi
• Chowara Beach, Kovalam
• Kanwatheertha Beach, Kasaragod
• Kappad beach, Kozhikode
• Kappil Beach, Kasaragod
• Kizhunna Beach, Kannur
• Kolavi Palam Beach, Payyoli

Each of these beaches is easy to access and people can reach from one place to other easily. Each of these beaches has its own value and importance and people can explore as many as they wish. The sandy beaches, fresh air and calmness at the shores bring an awesome experience to travellers. One must plan for it while exploring the major attractions. At some beaches, people can also go for water sports according to the weather.

Many of the travellers get confuse while deciding the places to visit and you could be one of them. To avoid such situation, travellers must for the Kerala Tour Packages that enables them to find the best tour for them. There are many Kerala tour packages are available for people, so select the best for yourself and get ready for the fun and frolic with your friends and family. As travel companies bring you different packages according to diverse days so, you won’t get problem in deciding the right tour for you.

Must visit God’s own country and blew your all worries there itself. As it is a popular travel destination so you won’t even face any commuting issues. A number of airplanes are available for you. Select the best for yourself and book tickets for the same or ask the travel company to take you there.

Kerala Tour Travel Company – Watch the Nature Unfold Itself ‘Eravikulam’

As Kerala Tour Travel Company we feel one of the best tourist experiences is to watch animals in their natural habitats. Almost every metro has got zoological gardens where animals are kept mostly in enclosures where one cannot see them in their true colours. Venturing into dense forests, following the footprints of the beast you are seeking, surrounded by nothing but thick foliage and groves, the silence of the jungle occasionally broken by the shrills of birds or monkeys and feeling the thrill of the rustling of dried leaves as if hunter being hunted – nothing can be compared to the adventure of being in a national park where one can act hunter, ready to shoot, albeit with a camera. National parks or sanctuaries, as they are called, are one of the best places to see wild animals. In India there are lot of National Parks and Sanctuaries but some of them are really famous among tourist not only the domestic or locales but international travellers or wild life photographers etc. Being a Kerala Tour Travel Company, if you are a thrill-seeking animal lover, Eravikulam National Park, located in Idduki district in Kerala, is one place you definitely won’t want to miss. Spread along the Western Ghats, the Park is managed efficiently by the Kerala Government, making sure that the visitors of the sanctuary end up having an unforgettable experience.

The geography of the park is as amazing as the species of the animals found in it. Most of the area of the park consists of a high hill. The highest peak in South India, Anamudi, lies in this park. The rich flora of the park owes to many small streams that make their way to the Chalakudiyar and Periyar rivers. The park harbours more than 100 species of birds and about twenty six mammal species. In Fact it has got the largest population of Niligiri Tahr and Indian Bison, giving shelter to these endangered species. Out of the three areas the sanctuary is divided in, only Rajamalai is open to the visitors to see the animals. As personal vehicles are not allowed here due to security reasons, the park-authorized official buses provide a tour around the area and the security personnel of the park ensure the safety of the visitors by keeping a strong vigil. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, watching these animals meandering around leisurely is quite exhilarating, making one realize the value of freedom.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Heaven Floating on Waters ‘KumaraKom’

Kerala has been well known amongst the tourist fraternity for its cultural and historical heritage and especially, for its backwaters. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, people, not only from Indian, but from other countries as well have been visiting down south just to experience what it is like to be sitting in a floating boathouse. If you are the one who wonders how it seems to be in a floating boat, you don’t need to visit Venice for that. Just pack your travelling gear, catch a plane or train to all the way down south, to KumaraKom, a small village just 16 kilometers away from the city of Kottayam, Kerala.

KumaraKom is situated near Vembanada Lake. A small village, that might have been completely oblivious to the rest of the world, has got so much scenic beauty hidden in her lap that a visitor is bound to get the reverse effect to the fact mentioned above, that of being completely oblivious to the rest of the world, once one is here. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, the views of a boathouse sliding with grace in the fresh water lake against the backdrop of lush green mangroves and blue sky are nothing less than a John Constable’s painting of a beautiful landscape. And it was as if the makers of this enchanting place were not satisfied with backwaters only, there is a bird sanctuary also which has proved to be a haven for lots of migratory birds. Spread over 14 acres, the KumaraKom Bird Sanctuary is a result of the noble intentions of preserving wild life by the government.

And, adding cherry to the cake, there is a breath-taking, edge-of-the-seat boat-race conducted annually here. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, watching 50 plus oarsmen rowing a boat to beat the competition is as thrilling as the last crucial run to be scored on the last ball of a one day cricket match. Being part of the cheering crowd to motivate the participants of the race will definitely cause adrenaline to shoot up. A trophy is formally given to the winner of the boat race to keep up the spirits. So, if you have been scratching your heads for a place for vacation head south and get a memory of a life time.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Hill Station to Swoon over ‘Vagamon’

Roads carved out of rocks, with long pine trees on either side. Stretch of plains covered with bed of lush grass. Hills capped by clouds against the blue backdrop of the sky. Cliffs where one can stand and look deep down the misty abyss. If this is not enough for one to pine to visit the scenic aforementioned place, he better open the online albums of the heaven being talked about here, which is bound to make one pack his bags and visit Vagamon in Kerala. Divinely located at the borders of Kottayam and Idukki in Kerala, the hill station is one of the most enchanting places attracting thousands of tourists every year. The climate of Vagamon fluctuates between 10 to 23 degrees even during summer middays, making it a relatively cool place. Situated 1100 meters above the sea levels, Vagamon is believed to be discovered by the British who found it a perfect place for tea plantation that can still be seen here in abundance.

The road to Vagamon, carved out of solid rock, itself is quite amazing to tread. The Pine trees on the either side of the road seem more like ushers welcoming visitors to the gates of Vagamon. Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, one of the primary reasons for the intact divinity of this place is that the commercialization has not yet spread its tentacles here. The town of Vagamon, on any misty day, still looks sleepy and untouched as if straight out of a pre-independent account of an Indian village, albeit with smooth concrete roads and traces of resorts and tourists lodges. The hill station comprises many places worthy of exploration like Thangal Hill, a well-known holy place for Muslims. If one has a spirit of a spelunker, there is a cave, believed to be quite deep enough to make one’s heart jump out of the chest. There is a monastery located at the Kurisumala hill. A reputed place for christens, it has got many sub hills each topped with a cross. And, then, there are sprawling meadows of lush green grass bound to make one feel like putting up a cottage and live there for eternity. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, the itinerary of the places in Vagamon is endless. This scenic hill station is bound to make one feel like come again and again. Make sure you don’t forget to collect your heart here amongst the rolling hills.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – A Rendezvous with Nature ‘Thenmala’

Imagine a winding road going through mountain hills covered with trees, far away from the maddening cacophony of cities, with the sound of silence being broken occasionally by the chirruping of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, and the swaying of the trees. A place where nature plays it tune in full swing and the word “greenery” hasn’t lost its meaning. Welcome to Thenmala – a place where one is bound to experience the Mother Nature unfolding itself in full colors. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, Thenmala is a unique tourist destination maintained efficiently by an institution of the Kerala Government. It is located about 70 km from Thiruvananthapuram. The word “Thenmala” means “Honey Hill” and it is called so due to the fact that the quality of honey obtained from the hills at this place is of extremely good quality. The place has been developed giving lot of attention to visitors, making sure that the tour of the area is well facilitated and taken-care of. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, the managing institution has specially appointed well-trained guides to ensure that tourists have a pleasant experience. The whole area has been equipped with properly put up direction markers like signboards to make the accessibility easier.

The specially prepared zones act like a kaleidoscope giving a mesmerizing peek at Kerala’s cultural and natural heritage. If one wants to relish the dishes of Kerala, purchase knick knacks commonly available in the local markets of Kerala or become familiar with the art and culture of Kerala through its dance, arts and living style of the inhabitants, “Culture Zone” has been setup to give an amazing view of the same. Then, there is “Leisure Zone” that will surely fill you with excitement as one takes a walk on the especially put-up board passages taking one to the dam. The famous “sway” bridge promises to keep the kids shouting all the way across it. And, just when one thinks that he has had enough of the fun dose, “Adventure Zone” pops up to offer more like mountain biking and trekking. Because of Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary in its vicinity, tourists usually visiting Thenmala also prefer to venture into the sanctuary that is a home of varieties of species of deer. Thenmala, undoubtedly, is a place one will tend to keep in memory for a long time for its scenic beauty.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Experience the Venice of the East ‘Alappuzha’

Imagine yourself in a boathouse floating along the river leisurely, the calm waters rippling across the water body, the grove along the shoreline wiggling gently with the breeze. The fantasy may sound like straight out of Venice, but, head far down south, along the western coast and you would be amazed to witness India’s own “Venice of the East”, popularly known as Alappuzha. Lord Curzon during British rule in India gave the sobriquet to Alappuzha, comparing its backwaters and boathouses with Venice. As Kerala Tour Travel Company, he was not exaggerating as the natural backdrop of backwaters and lush groves with sliding boathouses on water is not second to Venice. Alappuzha, also called Alleppey, is one of the most reputed tourist destinations in India. It is situated few kilometres to the south of Kochi and almost a hundred and a half kilometres north of Trivandrum. The place is marked by a horde of backwaters. Just when one thinks that Alappuzha is all about backwaters only and nothing else, the famous Alappuzha beach comes to rescue. Against the backdrop of clear blue firmament, the sandy beach and the green grove portrays an image so nice that one would definitely keep it as a memory for a life time. The beach presents a breath-taking view of the Laccadive Sea.

As Kerala Tour Travel Company, for the one having cultural inclinations, Alappuzha has got lots of temples and churches in its kitty, like Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple, Chettikulangara Temple to name a few. Alappuzha’s charm will remain incomplete without mentioning a grand event in the whole south India. The great Nehru Trophy Boat Race that attracts lots of tourists from all over the world, kick-starts from here, at the Punnamada Lake. The event is celebrated on every second Saturday in August every year, garnering lots of cheers from the thousands of supporters. As Alappuzha is near the shoreline, the climate becomes humid and hot during summers. October and November are relatively cooler and breezy. The city gets drenched pleasantly by monsoon as the rainy seasons lingers on for a long time. If one is looking for a serious escape from the humdrum and cacophony of busy city life, the city of Alappuzha will surely prove to be a treat for the senses.

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Kerala Tour Travel Company – Come and Be a Part of the Wild ‘Anaimalai Hills’

Are you a one getting bogged down by the monotony of your life? Is your routine life making a robot out of you? Do you crave to see the vast expanse of plains and undulating land covered in the sheet of green trees? Do you want to explore the silence absent in city life? And, Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, if you crave to be in the lap of Mother Nature, it’s time to pack your travelling gear and head south. Because waiting for you there is a surprise of nature, a place so captivating that you will end up having a memory you will cherish till you perish. The Anaimalai Hills is a place which will definitely make you forget all your past visits to Hilly areas. This mesmerizing range of mountains is located at Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. In the regional language, “Anai” means an Elephant and “Malai” meaning “Hills”, hence the hills are known as Hills of the Elephants. The highest peak named “Anamudi” is also one of the peaks in this range. It is located in Idukki District, Kerala and is a major tourist destination in South India. If one is fond of watching wildlife in their natural habitats, Anaimalai will cater by offering lots of national parks and sanctuaries. Some parks and Sanctuaries like Eravikulam National Park, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Chinnar, Anaimalai Tiger Reserve, and the famous Wildlife Sanctuary in the name of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi are the one considered to be paradise for ornithologists and tiger lovers alike.

Being Kerala Tour Travel Company, nothing can be more thrilling than following the mud-stamped foot marks of a tiger to trace them in the jungle here. The beginnings of a day with the chirping of the wild birds and cacophony of the monkeys and end with a wild assertive howling and roars of the wild beasts – that is what the Anaimalai Hills keeps in its kitty. And, if one, like in their professional lives, believes in climbing their way to the top, Anaimalai hills are a climbers’ delight. Whether one wants to cut his teeth trekking, or to hop on the hills like a seasoned mountaineer, the trekking points are going to give one the time of their life.

You can get in touch with us, Kerala’s premiere tour travel company i.e. COSMOVISION TOURS SERVICES PVT. LTD. at our email Id – or call us at Tel: (+ 91) 9899095777 and (+91) 9810483201