Famous Kerala Tour

Routing : Kochi – Munnar – Periyar – Kumarakom – Alleppey

(07 Nights / 08 Days)


Kerala Heavenly Kingdom

Routing: Cochin – Munnar – Thekkady – Alleppey – Cochin

(04 Nights and 05 Days)


Fascinating Kerala Hills & Houseboat Package

Routing: Cochin – Munnar – Alleppey – Cochin

(03 Nights and 04 Days)


Scenic Kerala Tour

Routing: Cochin – Kothamangalam – Munnar – Periyar – Houseboat – Kumarakom – Marari – Cochin

(10 Nights and 11 Days)

Kerala Souvenirs

Souvenirs are the form of gifts or memorable items that tourist or travellers take with them to their native countries. When travelling through Kerala or “God’s Own Country” one may come across such souvenirs that will not only refresh your memories back home but also are the perfect items to gift someone especially family members and friends. These souvenirs are related to Kerala’s strong culture and years old social religious traditions. As whole Kerala is tourist centric place hence there are several markets in every major district or town or even in small villages where tourist can purchase such gifting items or souvenirs also there certain government approved emporiums serving the best quality and genuine products to its customers at a reasonable prices. While purchasing from the open market or shops don’t forget to bargain, as in India it is said to be the ‘right of the consumer’ to bargain to get the best deal out of it and moreover it’s a fun thing while shopping. Though there are certain standardized big shops which have fixed rates so either take assistance from your tour operator or observe for a while after entering any shop you will definitely get to know how other people or customers are reacting to the prices of the products. Though there are several souvenirs or gift that you can take along with you while returning to your place or country but here are some famous ones listed below.

Kerala’s Aranmula Kannadi – It is a decorative hand held mirror made from metal. It is made from bronze by the workers of Pathanamthitta district is really very attractive and the design embossed on the borders of this mirror is traditional and worth appreciating. It is memoir of the metal casting era in Kerala when such decorative or daily use items were made from metal.

Kerala’s Netturpetti – It is a traditional type of wooden box made for keeping jewellery and was once very famous in the rich and influential family’s women of Kerala. This is made by the workers from Nettur region of Malabar and takes a lot of time to carve something that beautiful with wood. Netturpetti is completely made form hands without any usage of machinery or modern wood carving techniques, with times it is becoming a rare object due to less availability of skilled craftsmen who could make Netturpetti.

Kerala’s Nettippattom – It is a form of jewellery or decorative piece of metal that is use in decorating the elephants for any kind of rituals and religious processions. People hang this Nettippattom on the walls of their respective homes in Kerala. It is said to bring good luck in the house moreover it is a sign of sanctity. These Nettippattom are of golden colour but it is a mixture of copper with gold hence one can buy as per his or her budget also these are made to order as well. Elephants are considered as holy animals in India whereas Lord Ganesha (Hindu God) has a body of human and head of an elephant.

Kerala’s Nilavilakku –It is a traditional metal lamp which is lighted on almost every religious functions as well as social cultural ceremonies in Kerala. In Kerala homes Nilavilakku is lighted during the evening prayers and all the members chant mantras around the same. It resembles the art and strong bond that people of Kerala share with their culture and traditions. In various inauguration ceremonies this Nilavilakku is used extensively. It is different from usual night lamp and comes with a stand of various heights made from brass and copper.

Kerala’s Uru Model – They are the miniature replicas of Uru or Dhow a type of large boats used by Arabians for trading purposes. At that time there were very less boats present which were of the size of Uru that could carry around 50 sailors together. Apart from the size they were the masterpiece of Kerala wooden carving craft. These Uru were made in the northern region of Kerala and its models are equally detailed and lively in terms of exact colour or wood carving patterns are concerned. These are highly attractive looks just awesome when kept in living room or lobby of the house or office. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit the budget.

Kerala’s Ramacham Vishari –It is a hand held fan made from 100% natural material that emits unique soothing perfume. Ramacham is also known as vettiveria zezanoides is a plant whose grass and roots have medicinal value. Ramacham Vishari or fan works wonder when water is sprinkled upon it, while you move the fan in your hand the water upon it evaporates and fills the room with sweet flower like smell. This same material is used in mats as well which are kept wet in the room to provide coolness and aroma in the room in early days when there was no electricity these mats and Ramacham Visharis were the only options to beat the heat.

Kerala’s Kathakali Masks and Models – As Kathakali is a famous dance form oriented from the Land of Kerala hence the souvenir associated with it are in great demand especially the masks and small Kathakali puppets in various poses. These are made up of plaster of Paris or wood depending upon the complexity of the structure. These are the directly related to the history, culture and tradition of the “God’s Own Land” or Kerala that one could take back home for gifting purpose or keeping at its own place, they not only look extremely beautiful but also most of them represent God or Goddess hence brings luck and charm in the house.

Kerala’s Edible Chips – though you can’t take back home much of the flavour full food of Kerala due to perishable attribute but these Kerala chips are something that not only has a good shelf life but it will refresh your good old memories of visit to the God’s Own Country. These chips comes in various forms i.e. Banana chips, Tapioca chips, Jackfruit chips and conventional Potato chips as well. The main ingredient apart from the spices used is the coconut oil that gives them a distinct flavour and crispiness. It is always advisable to buy these or any other edible products only after verifying the expiry date and from a reputed shop only.

Kerala’s Cardamom – it is form of spice which is used extensively across Asia and Arab countries to put a unique flavour and aroma to its hot beverages like tea or coffee and rice dishes. Though it can be used in other forms of cooking and dishes as well. Apart from its aroma and mind soothing smell it has some excellent medicinal qualities as well. The areas near Idukki district grow extensive cardamom for its usage in the country as well as for export purposes. It is available at any super market or daily needs store across Kerala. Cardamoms are categorized on the basis of its size, colour and aroma.

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